Department News & Achievements


Establishment of HKUST Big Data Institute (BDI) effective 1 Feb 2016

Over the past years, we have established several key big data related initiatives. These includes the WeChat HKUST AI Center (WHAT LAB), Big-Data Bio-Intelligence Center (BDBI) and the MSC Program on Big Data Technology (BDT).

With the establishment of the BDI, we wish to include more research, knowledge transfer and educational programs under the Institute's umbrella. We hope to play a major role in the development of Big Data Technology and Data Science Programs in this region and in the world.


HKUST launches Big Data Platform at CSE Department

The HKUST Big Data effort includes a many active researchers across different fields in several large-scale industrial research projects. A versatile Big Data platform allows the research to be intimately connected with practical applications of Big Data.

Events & Talks

COMP 4900 - Tech Trends 2017

21 September 2016 (Wed), 6-7pm, LTF

COMP 4900 - CSE Program Orientation

7 September 2016 (Wed), 6-7pm, LTF


Automated Incremental Software Verification

24 October 2016 (Mon), 4:00pm, LTF

Thesis Defenses

PhD Qualifying Examination by Miss Mijung KIM

28 September 2016 (Wed)

PhD Thesis Proposal Defence by Mr. Bo QIN

28 September 2016 (Wed)