Computing Facilities

Server Room at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The CSE Department is served by about 800 workstations and PCs, including those in four teaching labs: three PC Labs and one UNIX lab. Each teaching lab has 53 or 68 sets of computers networked together, 3-4 LCD projector(s), and at least one high speed laser printer. In addition, some labs are equipped with high performance sound cards and GPU graphics cards. The teaching labs are upgraded frequently to keep the equipment current.

In addition, the Department runs a number of research labs. All have a number of PCs, servers, and special hardware/software to support specific research. The Database Lab maintains various database management systems such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Servers. The Vision and Graphics Lab is for computer graphics and vision research.

There are also specialized project labs, including the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, HKUST-DT System and Media Lab, Digital Life Research Center, SingLab, Multimedia Technology Research Center.

The Department also manages a pool of rack-mounted, Linux blade servers, as CPU/GPU cluster for the projects that demand a lot of CPU/GPU power and system resources. In addition, individual research group also maintain their own computation clusters.

All computing facilities in the Department are connected by gigabit Ethernet switches to the University's gigabit network backbone.

We have Human-Computer Interaction Initiative, equipped with a 120" active stereo 3D projection system, different type of robots, e.g. Pepper robot, and different multi-touch large displays. There is also a GPU HPC clusters for GPU computation.

And we have our own private cloud platform for teaching, research and final year projects.

The Department is committed to keeping its computing facilities up-to-date.

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