Administrative Staff

Name E-mail Extn. Room Position  
CHAN, Hilda Hiu Tung cshilda 8773 4217A Program Assistant  
CHAN, Jacqueline jacquelinec 7001 4217A Executive Officer (Academic Programs & SSRI)  
CHAN, Lily Y.L. cslily 7008 4217A Clerk  
KWOK, Vanessa Y.C. csyckwok 7000 4217A Clerk  
CHIU, Sharon sharonchiu 7003 4217A Executive Officer (Outreach & Development)  
LAU, Connie W.C. cswclau 7002 4217A Clerk  
LO, Betty S.K. betty 7009 4217A Departmental Secretary ::
MA, Isaac T.H. csisaac 7002 4217A Clerk  
QUE, Yin-Tik csdee 8772 4217A Software Engineer  
TAM, Brenda Y.L. csbrenda 7000 4217A Clerk  
YU, Angela P.Y. angela 7007 4217A Executive Officer (Administration) ::

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System Staff

Name E-mail Extn. Room Position  
CHOI, Vincent vincentchoi 7006 4202 Technician  
KWONG, Renfrew W.W. wwkwong 7026 4202 Assistant Computer Officer ::
LAI, Dominic C.Y. dominic 7005 4202 Computer Officer ::
LAM, Kin-Tak cstak 7004 4202 Assistant Computer Officer  
LAU, Daniel daniellau 7006 4202 Technician  
TSE, Winnie P.M. winnie 7022 4202 Assistant Computer Officer ::
WONG, Henry S.H. henry 7025 4202 Computer Officer ::
YAU, L.Y. yiu 7023 4202 Assistant Computer Officer ::

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Instructional Assistant/Teaching Associate

Name E-mail Extn. Room Position  
CHAU, Chuck Jee cscjchau 8834 4209 Teaching Associate  
CHUNG, Kai Lun Peter cspeter 8834 4209 Teaching Associate  
LAU, Man Kit lmkia 8833 4205 Instructional Assistant  
LO, Ka Wing cslukelo 8834 4209 Teaching Associate  
MAK, Wai Ho wallacem 8833 4205 Teaching Associate  
MO, Ka Chun ronmo 8834 4209 Instructional Assistant  
SHEK, Ying Wai nickoshek 8833 4205 Instructional Assistant  
WANG, Kevin (PhD) kevinw 8834 4209 Teaching Associate  

Communication Tutor

Name E-mail Extn. Room Position  
DALTON, Shauna dalton   2532 Communication Tutor  
DAVEAU, Noorliza noor   2532 Communication Tutor  
SPAETH, Ted spaeth     Communication Tutor  

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