Undergraduate Admissions

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at HKUST is among the largest computer science departments in Hong Kong. We offer internationally recognized computer science programs with more than 600 undergraduate students, as well as around 100 MPhil (Master of Philosophy) and 280 PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) research postgraduate students. The multicultural environment of HKUST in general and the Department in particular, with professors and students coming from all over the world, help our students prepare well for the globalization trend. Our Department is being recognized by international peers as the best computer science department in Hong Kong, in terms of both research record and diversity of educational programs offered.

Features of our programs include: special honors courses, independent study and undergraduate research opportunities for elite students; American-style teaching; intensive English training; optional one-year exchange; final-year projects; ample scholarships and awards; optional one-year full-time internship; and industrial training. More details on the Distinguishing Features and Highlights.

All undergraduate admissions are handled by the HKUST Undergraduate Admissions. For more information about the undergraduate majors in Computer Science, please visit our Undergraduate Programs.

Students are initially admitted to the School of Engineering and declare their intended major at the end of the first year.

The University and our Department offer students a number of scholarships, with each scholarship typically ranging from HK$10,000 to HK$40,000. Each entrant is automatically considered for such scholarships. Most scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic merits and the Department's recommendations.

Distinguishing Features and Highlights

CHEN, Sixuan

I'm grateful that CSE provides great opportunities in undergraduate research, FYP and studying abroad. Those fruitful and memorable experiences here always motivate me to be better in life.

CHEN, Sixuan

BEng(COMP) 2019