Seminars (Fall 2018)

Departmental Seminars (COMP 6911 & COMP 6912) Fall 2018

The regular seminar time slot is Monday, 4-5pm, except as otherwise indicated. These seminars are included in COMP 6911 & COMP 6912. Students should attend at least 7 seminars in each semester in order to pass COMP 6911 & COMP 6912. Seminars held in other time slots are listed below in Other Departmental Seminars and are not included in COMP 6911 & COMP 6912.

Date & Time Venue Title Speaker Host
03 Sep 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF PG Orientation Dr. Ke Yi
PG Coordinator
K. Yi
06 Sep 2018, Thu (16:00-17:00) Rm2303 Soft Computing Techniques for Constructing Intelligent Information System Prof. Rolly Intan
Petra Christian Univ., Indonesia
G. Chan
10 Sep 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) [Rescheduled to 14 Sep 2018, Fri, 3pm in Rm5619]
14 Sep 2018, Fri (15:00-16:00) Rm5619 FaCoY --- A Code-to-Code Search Engine Dr. Dongsun Kim
Univ. of Luxembourg
S.C. Cheung
17 Sep 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Hierarchical Probabilistic Models and Deep Neural Networks [Cancelled] Prof. Wray Buntine
Monash Univ.
N. Zhang
24 Sep 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar
01 Oct 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar (Public Holiday)
08 Oct 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar
15 Oct 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Algorithms and Formats for Adaptive Streaming Dr. Ali Begen
Ozyegin Univ.
G. Chan
22 Oct 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Kam1n0: Assembly Code Data Mining for Reverse Engineering Steven Ding
McGill Univ.
R. Wong
29 Oct 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Entity Matching with Active Monotone Classification Prof. Yufei Tao
K. Yi
02 Nov 2018, Fri (15:00-16:00) LTF Modern Stochastic Optimization Methods for Big Data Machine Leraning [Joint MATH & CSE Seminar] Dr. Tong Zhang
Tencent AI Lab
D. Lee
05 Nov 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF [Rescheduled to 8 Nov 2018, Thu, 11am in LTH]
08 Nov 2018, Thu (11:00-12:00) LTH Trends and Issues in Softwarization of Networks Prof. Raj Jain
Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Q. Zhang
12 Nov 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Revisiting Searchable Encryption: New Improved Constructions and Research Challenges Ioannis Demertzis
Univ. of Maryland
D. Papadopoulos
16 Nov 2018, Fri (16:00-17:00) Rm5583 Evacuation Problems on Cycle Networks Prof. Tiko Kameda
Simon Fraser Univ.
R. Wong
19 Nov 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF New AI Approaches and Algorithms for Medical Imaging Problems and Applications Prof. Danny Chen
Univ. of Notre Dame
S.W. Cheng
26 Nov 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Towards a Theory of Mixing Graphs: A Characterization of Perfect Mixability Prof. Marek Chrobak
Univ. of California at Riverside
M. Golin

Other Departmental Seminars Fall 2018

Date & Time Venue Title Speaker Host
21 Sep 2018, Fri (15:00-16:00) Rm3598 AI Powered FINTECH at WeBank [AI Group Seminar] Dr. Vincent Zheng
WeBank AI Department
Y. Song
03 Dec 2018, Mon (11:00-12:00) Rm4472 A phi-Competiitve Algorithm for Scheduling Packets with Deadlines [Theory Group Seminar] Prof. Marek Chrobak
Univ. of California at Riverside
M. Golin
03 Dec 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Detection and Mitigation of Security Threats in Cloud Computing Dr. Tianwei Zhang
Amazon Web Services
C. Ding
10 Dec 2018, Mon (11:00-12:00) LTH Convolutional Neural Networks on Graphs Dr. Xavier Bresson
Nanyang Technological Univ.
K. Chen
10 Dec 2018, Mon (11:00-12:00) Rm5506 Learning to Find and Match Feature Points Prof. Pascal Fua
L. Quan
13 Dec 2018, Thu (16:00-17:00) LTF Ballerina: A Modern Programming Language Focused on Integration [Cancelled] Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana
C. Zhang
31 Dec 2018, Mon (10:00-11:00) Rm2463 Crack Open (Neural) Nets - Can We Make ML-Based Networked Systems More Trustworthy? Dr. Marco Canini
K. Chen

Dekai Wu is the seminar coordinator for Fall 2018.

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