Internship Opportunities


  1. Is it compulsory for every student to participate in internship?

    No, it is optional. However, we strongly encourage our students to participate in internship to expand their exposure.

  2. Are internships limited to those advertised through JIJIS or one of the HKUST career websites?

    Certainly not. You may also use other career services to find relevant internship opportunities. Some companies post such opportunities only on their company websites. The Talent Pool Platform of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) is also a good source of such opportunities available in the companies of the HKSTP. You may consult us () on whether a specific internship is considered relevant, especially when you want to apply for leave from study or exemption from taking the Industrial Training modules.

  3. I am a Year 1 student. Is it too early to think about internship and career development now?

    We provide different co-curricular activities for students to choose from, including joining internship and exchange programs. It is important to gain a good understanding of different options available before you make the choice that best fits you. So we highly encourage you to spend some time to explore these opportunities.

  4. When can I start to participate in internship?

    For one-year internships, students should have completed all except the final year of study. For shorter-term ones, the earliest time is the summer right after Year 1.

  5. How can I prepare an application that can impress the potential employers?

    This is a long process, but you can surely make significant improvement over time by taking some right steps early. Many useful resources available on campus can help you to get a good start. Moreover, the communication tutors in our department have some useful tips on writing resumes and letters. Your may also make an appointment with them to seek personalized help and advice.

  6. I will have an interview soon. How can I prepare well to maximize my chance of being offered the internship?

    The Career Center has some experienced career advisors who can give you professional advice. You may make an appointment for a 30-minute individual consultation session. Note that advance booking is necessary.

  7. I received several offers but I am confused. What should I do?

    If you need any advice, you are welcome to contact us.

  8. Do I need to hand in any report after completing my internship?

    Only those who would like to apply for exemption from the Industrial Training modules are required to compile a weekly activity log and complete a report within two weeks upon the completion of the internship.

  9. Do I still need to attend the COMP 4900 seminars if I have already participated in internship before?

    Yes. These events will also introduce you to other career development activities not limited to internships.