Internship Opportunities

How to Apply

Internship and Other Job Opportunities

Industrial Experience Course

As part of the program requirements, students are required to take COMP 1991 (Industrial Experience). To fulfill the requirement of COMP 1991, students should take full-time internship training for a period of at least six weeks, typically during the summer of Year 2 or Year 3, in an organization or company recognized by the Department for providing qualified internship training relevant to the computer science and engineering profession. Students are highly recommended to take advantage of the internship training opportunity as more and more companies only offer graduate jobs to candidates with prior internship experience. Those who fail to take part in internship training may be approved to fulfill the COMP 1991 requirement by taking industrial training modules during the summer of Year 3.

Interested students should submit application via the E-advising system upon confirming the internship offer, and no later than two weeks before the start of your internship. After successfully completing the internship, they are required to complete a supervisor feedback form and internship report and upload it to the E-advising system upon the completion of the internship.

Application for Leave from Study

For internships that take place during the term time, students are required to apply for leave from study for one or two terms. The application form should be completed and submitted well before the commencement of the internship.

Final Year Project Arrangement

Final Year Project (FYP) is a capstone project requirement of the COMP program. For students taking up internship during the term time, they may delay their FYP until they have completed the internship and resumed their study. With the permission of their FYP supervisors, they may also choose to work on their FYP during the internship period. More information about the FYP arrangement.