Qualifying Exams, Proposal Defenses & Thesis Defenses (Spring 2019)

Spring 2019

Date Candidate Title Announcement
7 March 2019
Mr. Ming WEN
Utilizing Code Change Information for Better Automated Debugging
PhD Thesis Defence
25 February 2019
Miss Min XIE
Analyzing Data with Regret Minimization Query
PhD Thesis Proposal Defence
25 February 2019
Pattern Counting in Large Graphs by Sampling
PhD Thesis Proposal Defence
14 February 2019 Mr. Hao WU Uniform Metric Labeling MPhil Thesis Defence
13 February 2019 Mr. Kai YAO Density-based Community Detection in Geo-Social Networks MPhil Thesis Defence
31 January 2019 Miss Lili WEI Taming Fragmentation-Induced Compatibility Issues in Android Applications PhD Thesis Proposal Defence

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