Final Year Thesis Oral Defenses (2017-2018)

Spring 2018

Date & Time Venue Candidate Project Code Advisor Reader Title
23 Apr 2018, Mon (18:00-18:40) Rm2127B CHIU Mang Tik PAN1 panhui jamesk Emotion Sensing with Wearable Devices
24 Apr 2018, Tue (13:00-13:40) Rm1505 FENG Haoan QUAN2 quan taicl Online Large-scale Visual Data Retrieval and Application
24 Apr 2018, Tue (14:30-15:10) Rm1505 ZENG Xiaohui CK4 cktang dyyeung Adversarial Attacks Beyond the Image Space
24 Apr 2018, Tue (15:20-16:00) Rm1505 GUO Shaopeng CK6 cktang achung Detection-Driven Reinforcement Learning to Act in Visual 3D Environment
24 Apr 2018, Tue (16:00-17:00) Rm2304 ZHOU Yingqi JA1 jamesk yqsong Deep learning
24 Apr 2018, Tue (16:10-16:50) Rm1505 HE Zhou ACH1 achung cktang Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis
25 Apr 2018, Wed (11:00-11:40) Rm2304 CHEN Liangwei YIKE1 yike weiwa Optimization of Spark for divide and conquer algorithms
25 Apr 2018, Wed (15:00-15:45) Rm2304 KHAN Irtaza Ahmad DI1 dimitris yike Uniform Metric Labeling for Large Graphs
25 Apr 2018, Wed (17:00-18:00) Rm2304 TA Ngoc Linh GCH1 gchan jamesk Developing a Fast-Deployable Indoor Localization System
25 Apr 2018, Wed (18:00-19:00) Rm1505 LIU Xin DL6 dlee kwtleung Artificial Intelligence in Systematic Trading
25 Apr 2018, Wed (18:00-19:00) Rm2304 DING Hantian JA2 jamesk gchan Deep Learning
26 Apr 2018, Thu (16:00-17:00) Rm5506 NG Hok Chun BL1 bli weiwa Memory and File Management Approach for Computers Using Non-volatile Large Volume Memory
27 Apr 2018, Fri (11:00-11:40) Rm1505 LIN Geng LUO1 luo weiwa Parallel LZMA Compression on the GPU
08 May 2018, Tue (13:00-13:40) LTH LI Yefeng CSB2 csbb lixin Centralized Controller in Wireless Local Area Networks

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