Instruction for Reports

See FYP Report Structure.

Suggested report length (12pt font, excluding appendix):

Download report/essay templates:

All FYP/FYT reports, presentation slides and posters are to be submitted online via the FYP Management System.

Please note:

  1. The system accepts .pdf and .doc/.docx file only.
  2. Files uploaded to the system will be renamed to [group_id]_[AID]_[type of report], e.g. 19_DL3_prog.docx
  3. Any group member may upload the reports for their group, but the system will only keep the most recently uploaded file. Older versions will be replaced by the newly uploaded file.
  4. Uploaded files cannot be deleted.
  5. Students may download their uploaded file for checking.
  6. Reports cannot be uploaded after the due time on the due date.

The CSE department wishes all students to learn to write good academic reports. Thus, ALL FYP/FYT students are required to meet with our Communication Tutors responsible for FYP/FYT twice before the final report is due:

Check the Communication Tutors Website for more details.