CSE Program Orientation

Date: 6 Sep 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 6-7pm
Venue: CYT LTL
Title: CSE Program Orientation

This orientation offers useful information about your program of study, tells you the resources you may use to study effectively, and helps you to plan your progress towards graduation. Undergraduate team and academic counselors will also join the orientation to answer any questions you may have about your study. All new students to the Department are required to attend. Please find below the program schedule for your information:


6:00-6:10pm       Welcome Speech by Head of Department Prof. Qiang YANG,
                  Associate Head of Department Prof. Albert CHUNG
6:10-6:40pm       Sharing by Undergraduate Programs Coordinator Dr. Pedro SANDER
6:40-6:45pm       Presentation by CSSYSTEM
6:45-6:50pm       Presentation by Communication Tutor
6:50-6:55pm       Presentation by Computer Science and Engineering Students' Society (CSESS)