PQE Survey Report: Malware Analysis

PhD Qualifying Examination

Title: "PQE Survey Report: Malware Analysis"


Mr. Anthony Cheuk Tung LAI


In the last two decades, cyber security incident and attack have been
dealt with various methods. Most of these defense methods are highly
dependent on security vendors’ products, such as malware quarantine with
anti-virus software and attack traffic monitoring and blocking via
intrusion prevention system and firewall. However, these methods could
still suffer from Malware and sophisticated cyber attacks, including
Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)[1][38] and data exfiltration through
common network protocols like HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and
Domain Name Service (DNS). In addition, legitimate data flow and system
process may be halted by these defense methods. Therefore, malware
analysis and classification has been an ongoing research area to detect
the unknown Malware attack.

In this survey report, we will exhibit popular malware analysis
methodologies and their limitation and room for improvement.

Date:			Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Time:                  	9:00am - 11:00am

Venue:                  Room 3494
                         Lifts 25/26

Committee Members:	Dr. Jogesh Muppala (Supervisor)
 			Prof. Shing-Chi Cheung (Chairperson)
 			Prof. Andrew Horner
 			Prof. Dimitris Papadias

**** ALL are Welcome ****