CSE server room rack space Guideline

CSE server room rack space Guideline

After the server room was renovated in 2008, we were able to allocate some space for CSE faculty research. Currently we have 10 racks for non-infrastructural servers*.

It was approved in Facilities Committee () as how to utilize the space. A "fairness doctrine" scheme is adopted as such:

Space is limited, in order to prevent old servers that will take up valuable server room space, CS system will announce to the research group equipment kept in the server room that are older than 5 years. Equipment older than 10 years will have to be off the rack, unless it has approval from Facilities Committee.

For any machines that will be kept in the server room, the machines should be equipped with basic remote power management, and possibly the KVM console.

* The space will be reduced in the future depending on the infrastructure need.