Wclipper Launched on May 2010

Wclipper, a technology which can bring complex webpages onto mobile phones, was launched on May 18. Effective immediately, faculty, staff, and students of the HKUST community can enjoy this free service for a six-month period, independent of the mobile services they now subscribe to.

It will be commissioned by a major mobile phone service operator in Hong Kong for their subscribers later this year.

The technology was developed by the Web Research group led by Prof Vincent Shen. Several CSE graduates, namely Benfeng Chen, Shan Chen, Michelle Hong and Cammie Zhuang, participated in the research and development of Wclipper actively. The team formed a company, WebNova Limited, in 2006 to bring this new mobile browsing technology into the mass market. The company is operating in HKUST's Entrepreneurship Center now.

For more details, please visit Wclipper.

Screenshot of Wclipper on Mobile

Screenshot of Wclipper on Mobile