Tencent Sharing Session

Mr Ching LAW (羅征), the Vice President of the Social Network Group of Tencent, will come to HKUST for a sharing session for PG students.

Event: Tencent Sharing Session

Date: 14 November 2014 (Friday)

Time: 6:30-8pm

Venue: Lecture Theater F (changed to Lecture Theater H)

Target: PG Students

Speaker: Mr Ching LAW (羅征)

Biography of Mr Ching Law:

加入騰訊之前,曾在谷歌公司任職八年,負責過 AdSense 廣告系統、谷歌字典、廣東話拼音等項目的研發管理工作。

Remarks: You may bring along your CV to the sharing session.

Registration Deadline: 12 November 2014 (Wednesday), 11:00am

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