Qualifying Exams, Proposal Defenses & Thesis Defenses (Spring 2017)

Spring 2017

Date Candidate Title Announcement
9 March 2017
Mr. Min XIE
Analyzing Data with k-regret Query and Diversification
PhD Qualifying Examination
1 March 2017
Traffic Control in Data Center Networks
PhD Thesis Proposal Denfence
28 February 2017
Mr. Bo LIU
A Survey of Stochastic Multi-Armed Bandits with its Applications
PhD Qualifying Examination
27 February 2017
Mr. Ben TAN
Distant Domain Transfer Learning
PhD Thesis Denfence
23 February 2017
Mr. Lin YANG
Secure Interactions for Smart Devices
PhD Thesis Proposal Denfence
17 February 2017
Mr. Jiayue LI
Resource Allocation in 5G WLAN/Cellular Integrated Network by Utilizing Partially Overlapped Channels
PhD Thesis Proposal Denfence
15 February 2017
Mr. Lei LI
A Survey of Sketch-based Modeling Systems
PhD Qualifying Examination

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