Als Icebucket Challenge Cpr Abseiling Add New Car Tire Adjusting Glasses Air Drumming Air Guitar Air Hocky Alligator Wrestling Applauding Applying Cream Archery Arm Wave Arm Wrestling Atlatl Throw Axe Throwing Backflip Backward Roll Badminton Overswing Badminton Serve Badminton Underswing Balancebeam Flip Balancebeam Jump Balancebeam Rotate Balancebeam Spin Balancebeam Walk Balloon Animal Bandaging Base Jumping Baseball Bunt Baseball Catch Catcher Baseball Catch Flyball Baseball Catch Groundball Baseball Pitch Baseball Run Baseball Swing Basketball Dribble Basketball Dunk Basketball Hookshot Basketball Jabstep Basketball Layup Basketball Pass Basketball Shoot Battle-Rope Jumping-Jack Battle-Rope Power-Slam Battle-Rope Rainbow Battle-Rope Russian-Twist Battle-Rope Sideplank Battle-Rope Snake Battle-Rope Wave Beer Pong Throw Belly Dancing Bench Dip Bending Back Bike Fall Billiard Hit Blow Gun Blowdrying Hair Blowing Kisses Blowing Balloon Blowing Glass Blowing Gum Blowing Leaf Blowing Nose Bmx Jumping Bmx Riding Bowing Fullbody Bowing Waist Bowling Bowls Throw Breakdancing Flare Breakdancing Flip Breakdancing Rotate Breakdancing Support Brushing Floor Brushing Hair Brushing Teeth Building Snowman Burpee Burping Calfrope Catch Calfrope Rope Calfrope Subdue Canoeing Slalom Canoeing Sprint Card Throw Carrying With Head Cartwheeling Cast Net Chainsaw Log Chainsaw Tree Chalkboard Chewing Gum Chopping Meat Chopping Wood Cleaning Mirror Cleaning Mopping Cleaning Sweeping Cleaning Vacumming Cleaning Windows Clear Snow Off Car Climb Icecliff Climb Ladder Climb Pole Climb Stair Climbing Rock Climbing Rope Climbing Tree Closing Door Conducting Crawling Cross Body Shoulder Stretch Cross Country Ski Slide Cross Country Ski Walk Crossbow Shoot Curling Follow Curling Push Curling Sweep Cutting Onion Dabbing Dart Throw Decorating Snowman Dice Shuffle Reveal Dice Stack Shuffle Dips Discuss Throw Diving Jump Diving Rotate Diving Sneak Dj Dog Highfive Dog Walking Draw Handgun Drinking With Cup Drinking With Straw Eat Apple Eat Burger Eat Spagetti Eating Hotdogs Eating Ice Cream Eating Oyster Equestrian Dressage Equestrian Jump Equestrian Run Face-Changing Opera Face Slapping Falling Off Chair Figure Skate I Spin Figure Skate Backward Figure Skate Bielman Spin Figure Skate Camel Spin Figure Skate Donut Spin Figure Skate Forward Figure Skate Hydroblading Figure Skate Inabauer Figure Skate Jump Spin Figure Skate Scratch Spin Figure Skate Sit Spin Fire Breathing Fire Dancing Circulating Fire Extinguisher Fish-Hunting Hold Fish-Hunting Pull Fist Bump Flamethrower Flipping Bottle Floor Rotate Floor Spin Floss Dance Flying Kite Folding Blanket Folding Clothes Football Catch Football Run Football Throw Forward Fold Forward Roll Frisbee Catch Frisbee Throw Frog Jump Ganggangsullae Gangnam Style Dance Gas Pumping To Car Golf Part Golf Swing Grass Skating Grass Skiing Guitar Flip Guitar Smashing Gym Lift Gym Lunges Gym Plank Gym Pull Gym Push Gym Ride Gym Run Gym Squat Hailing Taxi Haircut Scissor Hammer Throw Hammering Nail Hand-Drill Firemaking Blow Hand-Drill Firemaking Drill With Bow Hand-Drill Firemaking Drill With Hand Hand In Hand Handsaw Handshake Dog Handstand Hanging Clothes Headbang Heimlich Maneuver High Five High Jump Jump High Jump Run High Knees Hold Baby Hold Baby With Wrap Hookah Hopscotch Pickup Hopscotch Skip Hopscotch Spin Horizontalbar Flip Horizontalbar Jump Horizontalbar Land Horizontalbar Spin Hugging Animal Hugging Human Hurdle Jump Ice Scuplting Ironing Clothes Jack Up Car Javelin Run Javelin Throw Jetski Juggling Balls Jump Rope Jumping Jack Kayaking Kick Jianzi Kick Open Door Kiss Knitting Leg Hold Back Leg Hold Front Leg Split Long Jump Jump Long Jump Run Luge Milking Moonwalk Neck Side Pull Stretch One Arm Push Up Opening Door Pancake Flip Paragliding Peeling Banana Petanque Throw Piggyback Ride Pirouette Pizza Dough Toss Play Otamatone Play Piccolo Play Accordian Play Bagpipes Play Bangu Play Banjo Play Castanets Play Cello Play Clarinet Play Cornett Play Cymbals Play Diabolo Play Doublebass Play Erhu Play Gong Play Grandpiano Play Guitar Play Handpan Play Harmonica Play Harp Play Hulahoop Play Hulusi Play Jazzdrum Play Kendama Play Leaf-Flute Play Lute Play Maracas Play Melodic Play Noseflute Play Ocarina Play Panpipe Play Recorder Play Sanxian Play Saw Play Saxophone Play Serpent Play Sheng Play Sitar Play Suona Play Tambourine Play Thereminvox Play Timpani Play Triangle Play Trombone Play Trumpet Play Ukulele Play Viola Play Violin Play Xylophone Play Yangqin Play Yoyo Playing Bass Drum Playing Cajon Drum Playing Conga Drum Playing Nunchucks Playing Rubiks Cube Playing Seesaw Playing Snare Drum Playing Swing Playing Taiko Drum Plunging Toilet Pole Vault Jump Pole Vault Run Pottery Wheel Pouring Wine Pull Ups Punching Sandbag Punching Speedbag Push Car Push Wheelchair Push Wheelchair Alone Pushup Putting Scarf On Quadruped Hip-Extension Racewalk Walk Read Newspaper Reading Book Remove Car Tire Rescue Breathing Ride Bike Ride Horse Ride Motorcycle Ride Scooter Riding Elephant Riding Mechanical Bull Rock Balancing Rock Paper Scissors Roller-Skating Backward Roller-Skating Forward Rolling Snow Rowing Boat Running In Place Running On Four Runway Walk Sack Race Salute Sandboarding Forward Screw Car Tire Scuba Diving Segway Shake Cocktail Shaking Head Shaving Beard Shoe Shining Shoot Dance Shooting Handgun Shooting Shotgun Shotput Throw Shoveling Snow Shuffle Dance Side Lunge Situp Skateboard Forward Skateboard Grind Skateboard Jump Ski Backflip Ski Cork Ski Frontflip Ski Jump Land Ski Jump Midair Ski Jump Slide Skydiving Sledgehammer Strike Down Sling Slingshot Smoking Exhale Smoking Inhale Snorkeling Snow Angel Snowboard Jump Snowboard Slide Soccer Dribble Soccer Header Soccer Save Soccer Shoot Soccer Throw Softball Pitch Speed Stack Speedskating Forward Spinning Basketball Spinning Book Spinning Plate Spitting On Face Split Leap Spraying Wall Sprint Kneel Sprint Run Sprint Start Squash Backhand Squash Forehand Sticking Tongue Out Stomping Grapes Stone Skipping Styling Hair Surfing Swimming Backstroke Swimming Breast Stroke Swimming Butterfly Stroke Swimming Freestyle Swinging Axe On A Tree Sword Swallowing Taekwondo High Block Taekwondo Kick Taekwondo Low Block Taekwondo Middle Block Taekwondo Punch Taichi Fan Taking Photo Camera Taking Selfie Talking Megaphone Talking On Phone Tap Dancing Tennis Backhand Tennis Forehand Tennis Serve Three Legged Race Throw Boomerang Throw Paper-Plane Throwing Bouquet Tight-Rope Walking Tire Pull Tire Sled Trampoline Trapeze Interacting Trapeze Single Triple Jump Jump Triple Jump Run Tug Of War Underarm Turn Unevenbar Cross Unevenbar Flip Unevenbar Jump Unevenbar Land Unevenbar Spin Unicycle Ride Using Inhaler Using Lawn Mower Using Lawn Mower Riding Type Using Metal Detector Using Scythe Using Spinning Wheel Using String Trimmer Using Typewriter Volleyball Overhand Volleyball Pass Volleyball Set Volleyball Underhand Walking On Stilts Walking With Crutches Walking With Walker Wall Paint Brush Wall Paint Roller Washing Clothes Washing Dishes Water Skiing Watering Plants Wear Face Mask Wear Helmet Weightlifting Hang Weightlifting Overhead Weightlifting Stand Whipping Whistle One Hand Whistle Two Hands Windsurfing Workout Chest-Pull Workout Crunch Yawning Yoga Bridge Yoga Cat Yoga Dancer Yoga Firefly Yoga Fish Yoga Gate Yoga Locust Yoga Lotus Yoga Pigeon Yoga Tree Yoga Triangle Yoga Updog
Wall Paint Brush Battle-Rope Power-Slam Balloon Animal Walking With Walker Throw Paper-Plane Climbing Rock Bench Dip Figure Skate Backward Leg Hold Back Bowing Waist Figure Skate I Spin Chainsaw Log Breakdancing Flip Air Drumming Balancebeam Rotate Play Violin Eating Oyster Baseball Catch Catcher Sandboarding Forward Basketball Pass Figure Skate Camel Spin Javelin Run Play Doublebass Play Ukulele Crossbow Shoot Taekwondo Punch Hugging Animal Play Triangle Gangnam Style Dance Curling Push Snowboard Jump Hurdle Jump Hold Baby With Wrap Yoga Tree Javelin Throw Ride Bike Playing Nunchucks Drinking With Straw Using String Trimmer Ski Backflip Fish-Hunting Pull Atlatl Throw Eating Hotdogs Shooting Handgun Riding Mechanical Bull Play Piccolo Climb Ladder Blowing Balloon Cutting Onion Whistle One Hand Brushing Hair Ride Motorcycle Face-Changing Opera Yoga Pigeon Crawling Knitting Play Hulahoop Surfing Baseball Catch Flyball Eat Spagetti Cleaning Mopping Flamethrower Wear Helmet Spinning Book Play Cello Battle-Rope Jumping-Jack Cleaning Windows Taekwondo High Block Milking Blowing Nose Headbang Frisbee Catch Als Icebucket Challenge Applying Cream Skateboard Grind Bowls Throw Calfrope Catch Workout Crunch Sprint Start Play Erhu High Knees Sledgehammer Strike Down Eat Apple Play Bagpipes Play Viola Pull Ups Swimming Breast Stroke Watering Plants Yoga Firefly Using Lawn Mower Play Lute Whipping Walking On Stilts Pottery Wheel Yoga Bridge Blowing Glass Fist Bump Baseball Catch Groundball Throwing Bouquet Calfrope Subdue Hanging Clothes Cleaning Sweeping Bike Fall Cartwheeling Ski Cork Bowing Fullbody Grass Skating High Five Gas Pumping To Car Hold Baby Play Trombone Pole Vault Jump Equestrian Dressage Blowing Gum Face Slapping Snow Angel Play Xylophone Sticking Tongue Out Fire Extinguisher Forward Fold Dips Using Lawn Mower Riding Type Rowing Boat Play Thereminvox Air Guitar Play Cornett Hugging Human Unevenbar Jump Baseball Swing Yoga Gate Play Grandpiano Play Noseflute Climbing Rope Opening Door Blowdrying Hair Hammer Throw Side Lunge Swimming Freestyle Backward Roll Blowing Leaf Figure Skate Jump Spin Fire Breathing Eating Ice Cream Cross Body Shoulder Stretch Ski Jump Slide Tug Of War Play Sanxian Handstand Shaving Beard Kick Open Door Football Run Play Accordian Discuss Throw Play Suona Cleaning Vacumming Push Car Push Wheelchair Add New Car Tire Draw Handgun Adjusting Glasses Playing Snare Drum Play Banjo Football Catch Guitar Smashing Sprint Run Cross Country Ski Walk Skateboard Forward Speed Stack Remove Car Tire Horizontalbar Spin Marble Scuplting Leg Hold Front Putting Scarf On Floss Dance Yoga Triangle Ride Horse Rock Paper Scissors Drinking With Cup Play Leaf-Flute Dabbing Walking With Crutches Windsurfing Horizontalbar Land Blowing Kisses Slingshot Climb Stair Push Wheelchair Alone Basketball Jabstep Taekwondo Low Block Wall Paint Roller Styling Hair Roller-Skating Backward Eat Burger Chewing Gum Play Ocarina Setup Tent Balancebeam Jump Cross Country Ski Slide Bowling Cast Net Jumping Jack Hookah Racewalk Walk Gym Lift Punching Sandbag Paragliding Spitting On Face Soccer Header Snorkeling Washing Clothes Hopscotch Spin Play Yoyo Figure Skate Hydroblading Kayaking Canoeing Sprint Haircut Scissor Figure Skate Bielman Spin Using Inhaler Play Gong Play Harp Figure Skate Donut Spin Beer Pong Throw Clear Snow Off Car Rolling Snow Play Otamatone Jack Up Car Climbing Tree Football Throw Wear Face Mask Tennis Backhand Badminton Serve Gym Push Curling Follow Play Guitar Bmx Jumping Chopping Meat Swimming Backstroke Battle-Rope Wave Pizza Dough Toss Yoga Fish Gym Ride Handshake Dog Bandaging Gym Squat Playing Bass Drum Jump Rope Burpee Frisbee Throw Sand Scuplting Using Typewriter Playing Conga Drum Yoga Locust Tight-Rope Walking Taichi Fan Play Maracas Talking On Phone Figure Skate Forward Using Scythe Equestrian Jump Forward Roll Stone Skipping Climb Icecliff Sack Race Play Saw High Jump Run Riding Zebra Weightlifting Hang Punching Speedbag Play Melodic Playing Seesaw Whistle Two Hands Basketball Dunk Ironing Clothes Breakdancing Rotate Heimlich Maneuver Figure Skate Sit Spin Playing Taiko Drum Washing Dishes Folding Blanket Bmx Riding Gym Pull Hopscotch Skip Backflip Underarm Turn Play Jazzdrum Baseball Bunt Battle-Rope Russian-Twist Ski Jump Land Figure Skate Scratch Spin Shuffle Dance Using Spinning Wheel Taking Photo Camera Rock Balancing Volleyball Pass Spinning Plate Balancebeam Flip Taekwondo Middle Block Gym Lunges Decorating Snowman Skydiving Riding Camel Unevenbar Spin Rescue Breathing Kiss Baseball Run Segway Belly Dancing Dog Highfive Smoking Exhale Volleyball Overhand Play Handpan Tennis Serve Yoga Lotus Play Sitar Dice Stack Shuffle Workout Chest-Pull Soccer Shoot Pole Vault Run Play Kendama Breakdancing Support Flipping Bottle Ride Scooter Play Timpani Trampoline Horizontalbar Jump Figure Skate Inabauer Riding Ostrich Leg Split Pushup Fire Dancing Circulating Play Serpent Triple Jump Run Smoking Inhale Canoeing Slalom Applauding Read Newspaper Baseball Pitch Bending Back Shoot Dance Playing Cajon Drum Quadruped Hip-Extension Riding Mule Pouring Wine Three Legged Race Neck Side Pull Stretch Axe Throwing Tire Sled Cpr Battle-Rope Sideplank Play Trumpet Moonwalk Play Castanets Volleyball Set Burping Reading Book Chopping Wood Card Throw Diving Jump Carrying With Head Grass Skiing Calfrope Rope Yoga Cat Chalkboard Play Sheng Unevenbar Land Long Jump Jump Basketball Hookshot Pancake Flip Air Hocky Brushing Teeth Stomping Grapes Taking Selfie Base Jumping Sling Play Diabolo Triple Jump Jump Basketball Layup Badminton Underswing Spraying Wall Riding Elephant Hammering Nail Sword Swallowing Piggyback Ride Talking Megaphone Diving Rotate Hand-Drill Firemaking Blow Water Skiing Shooting Shotgun Climb Pole Juggling Balls Roller-Skating Forward Golf Part Plunging Toilet Jetski Shaking Head Soccer Save Play Recorder Floor Rotate Peeling Banana Curling Sweep Badminton Overswing Sprint Kneel Shake Cocktail Soccer Dribble Diving Sneak Gym Run High Jump Jump Screw Car Tire Dog Walking Alligator Wrestling Billiard Hit Gym Plank Play Saxophone Soccer Throw Tap Dancing Shoe Shining Arm Wrestling Playing Swing Ice Scuplting Hand In Hand Dice Shuffle Reveal Fish-Hunting Hold Running In Place Folding Clothes Play Clarinet Tire Pull Volleyball Underhand Skateboard Jump Swimming Butterfly Stroke Softball Pitch Scuba Diving Golf Swing Falling Off Chair Trapeze Interacting Arm Wave Equestrian Run Snowboard Slide Horizontalbar Flip Ski Jump Midair Handsaw Shotput Throw Play Yangqin Balancebeam Spin Kick Jianzi Salute Ski Frontflip Ganggangsullae Split Leap Guitar Flip Hailing Taxi Petanque Throw Chainsaw Tree Brushing Floor Using Metal Detector Trapeze Single Dj Frog Jump Flying Kite Dart Throw Abseiling Hand-Drill Firemaking Drill With Bow Balancebeam Walk Yoga Updog Cleaning Mirror Play Cymbals Unevenbar Flip Weightlifting Stand Yawning Archery Swinging Axe On A Tree Taekwondo Kick Weightlifting Overhead Basketball Dribble Shoveling Snow Battle-Rope Snake Speedskating Forward Basketball Shoot Playing Rubiks Cube Play Bangu Tennis Forehand Building Snowman Unicycle Ride Situp Floor Spin Luge Play Tambourine Long Jump Run Play Panpipe Play Hulusi Breakdancing Flare Hand-Drill Firemaking Drill With Hand Throw Boomerang Hopscotch Pickup Closing Door Conducting Spinning Basketball Running On Four Unevenbar Cross Battle-Rope Rainbow Blow Gun