(To my students: Please let me know if I got your record needs to be updated. You are very welcome to update me of your whereabouts and home page.)

Postdoc (2005-6)

Wing-Kwong Chan, Ricky (PhD 2004, HKU)
Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Current Students

Jiajun Hu (PhD student working on Android hybrid programming)

Huaxun Huang (PhD student working on API compatibility)

Yongqiang Tian (PhD student working on deep learning system testing)

Jiarong Wu (PhD student working on automated program synthesis)

Jialun Cao (PhD student working on software engineering for AI)

Lu Liu (PhD student working on blockchain applications)

Wuqi Zhang (PhD student working on blockchain applications)

Hengcheng Zhu (PhD student working on automated test generation)

Meiziniu Li (PhD student working on deep learning library testing)

Haoyang Ma (PhD student working on compiler testing)

Tsz-On Li (PhD student working on deep learning library testing)

Congying Xu (PhD student working on metamorphic testing)

Xiao Chen (PhD student working on intelligent code analysis)

Xiaolei Li (PhD student working on code generation)

Yuqing Quan (MPhil student working on open API and microservices)

Ka Wing Yoyo Yeung (MPhil student working on Open API and microservices)

Ching Hang Mak (MPhil student working on software engineering for hybrid programming)

Graduated Students

Hang Xu (MPhil 2020) Thesis: Coverage-Directed Differential Testing of EVM Implementations

Lili Wei (PhD 2020) Thesis: Taming Fragmentation-Induced Compatibility Issues in Android Applications

Mijung Kim (PhD 2019) Thesis: Towards Practical Automated Software Testing
Assistant Professor (UNIST)

Ming Wen (PhD 2019) Thesis: Utilizing Code Change Information for Better Automated Debugging
Associate Professor (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

King Sun Chan (MPhil 2018) Thesis: Assessing Relative Code Complexity Introduced by Optional Features to a Software Product Line

Rongxin Wu (PhD 2017) Thesis: Automated Techniques for Diagnosing Crashing Bugs
Associate Professor (Xiamen University)

Valerio Terragni (PhD 2017) Thesis: Towards Effective Regression Testing of Concurrent Programs
Lecturer (University of Auckland)

Yepang Liu (PhD 2015). Thesis: Automated Analysis of Energy Efficiency and Execution Performance for Mobile Applications
Tenure-track faculty members (Southern University of Science and Technology SUST)

Wanjun Chen, Melody (MPhil 2015) Thesis: Automatic Spreadsheet Cell Clustering and Smell Detection using Strong and Weak Features

Yueqi Li (PhD 2015). Thesis: Scalable Symbolic Analysis of Large Real World Programs Using API Abstraction and Execution Histories
Google-X (Mountain View, US)

Qiaona Hong (MPhil 2013). Thesis: The Anatomy of Developer Social Networks
Bank of America

Tate Poon (MPhil 2012). Thesis: A Study of Eliminating Irrelevant Access Patterns for Fault Localization in Concurrent Programs

Liping Gao (MPhil 2011) Thesis: Failure Proximity for Context-Aware Applications
Sogou Tech

Cham-ho Ting, Ivan (MPhil 2010). Thesis: Testing Strategy in Discovering Faults in Workflow

Xinming Wang, Rubin (PhD 2010). Thesis: Automatic Localization of Code Omission Faults
Lakala Finance

Zhifeng Lai (PhD 2010). Thesis: Effective Detection of Atomic-Set Serializability Violation in Multithreaded Programs

Yueqi Li (MPhil 2010). Thesis: Searching Configurations to Reproduce Software Failures
Google-X (Mountain View, US)

Dongming Xu (MPhil Computer Science and Technology 2009). Thesis: On the testing of the RFID security

Chunlin Zhu (MPhil 2009). Thesis: Classify and Rank Daikon Invariants on Embedded Systems
CMB Capital International (招银国际)

Chunyang YE, Jerry (PhD 2008). Thesis: Atomicity Analysis for Service Composition
Professor, Hainan University

Chang XU (PhD 2008). Thesis: Inconsistency Detection and Resolution for Context-Aware Pervasive Computing
Professor, Department of Computer Science, Nanjing University

Tsz Hin NG, Sam (PhD 2008). Thesis: The Effects of Pre-deploying Design Patterns on Software Changes

Mian Qin (MPhil 2008). Thesis: Wireless Sensor Network Fault Localization
Microsoft, Redmond, USA

Yuet-Mei LO, Cindy (MPhil 2005). Thesis: Business Process Atomicity Analysis Supporting Late Task Property Bindings

Yu-Ho YIU, Matt (MSc 2005) Project: A Financial Case Study of B2B System Integration

Wing-Leung CHAN, Christina (MSc 2004)

Sze-Chit HO, Cedric (MPhil 2004). Thesis: A Framework for the Verification of Watermarking Protocols.
Google, Mountain View, USA

Chin-Ching TSOI, Lancelot (MSc 2004). Project: A Survey on Java Web Services Toolkits.
Pacific Supernet

Sze-Wan LEE, Yoki (MSc 2003). Project: A Case Study on Semantic Web Services
Project Manager, PeopleSoft

Kelvin LEUNG (MSc 2002)

Hanif CURREEM (MPhil 2002). Thesis: Digital Copyright Management.

Zhengdong Xu (MPhil 2001). Thesis: Testing of Distributed Multimedia Systems.

Ting-Pong IP, Vincent (MSc 2000)
Cathay Pacific

Ka-Cheong WONG (MPhil 2000). Thesis: Digital Rights Protection Against Watermark Attacks.

Man-Yee CHAN (MPhil 1999). Thesis: Extending White Box Testing to Database Applications.

Chi-Yung LAM (MPhil 1999). Thesis: Modeling and Analyzing Web-Based Information Systems.

Kam-Fai LEUNG (MPhil 1998). Thesis: A Framework for the Flexible Coupling of Groupware Widgets.
Standard Chartered Bank

Kwok-Hung CHEUNG, Herman (MPhil 1998). Thesis: Compositional Analysis of Distributed Software Systems.

Kam-Keung WONG (MPhil 1997). Thesis: Distributed Multimedia Authoring using Software Structures.

Chun-Man LO (MPhil 1996) Thesis: Verification of Dense Real-Time Distributed Systems by Using Discrete-Time Methods.

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