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                              Qian ZHANG earth01 (3K)

Tencent Professor of Engineering,

Chair Professor of

Department of CSE,



Changjiang Chair Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (2012-2015)


Co-Director and founder, Huawei-HKUST Innovation Lab

Director, Digital Life Research Center, HKUST


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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Clear Water Bay, Kowloon

Hong Kong




Office: Room 3533 (via Lift 25-26), Academic Building

Tel: 852-23588766

Fax: 852-23581477


Current Students

  • Qianyi Huang (PostDoc): wearable services

  • Zeyu Wang (Ph.D. student): IoT sensing, blockchain for IoT, security

  • Chenyu Huang (Ph.D. student): blockchain for IoT, security

  • Huangxun Chen (Ph.D. student): mobile system

  • Zhiyang Li (Ph.D. student): wireless sensing

  • Hua Kang (Ph.D. student)

  • Xueyang Tang (Ph.D. student)

  • Linfei Ge (Ph.D. student)


Recent Alumni

  • Lin Yang (Ph.D. student): big mobile data analysis (Huawei Corp.)

  • Zhice Yang (PostDoc): Mobile applications and Wireless Networks (Shanghai Tech. University)

  • Wei Wang (RAP): Wireless Networks and IoT (Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology)

  • Lu Wang (PostDoc): wireless communications and networking (Shenzhen Univ.)

  • Jin Zhang (Ph.D. and PostDoc): Wireless Cooperative Communication and Networking

  • Qing Liao (Ph.D.): bioinformatics

  • Yanjiao Chen (Ph.D.): Spectrum management for Cognitive Radio Networks

  • Jiansong Zhang (Ph.D.): wireless LAN based networking and system

  • Xiaojun FENG (Ph.D.): Vehicular Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Peng LIN (Ph.D.): Cognitive Radio Networks and Dynamic Spectrum Management

  • Dawei CHEN (Ph.D.): Resource Management and Spectrum Measurement in Cognitive Networks

  • Chengqi SONG (Ph.D.): Wireless Network Security

  • Ji LUO (Ph.D.): Mobile Sensor Networking

  • Juncheng JIA (Ph.D.): Cognitive Radio Networks and Dynamic Spectrum Management

  • Jin ZHANG (Ph.D.): Wireless Cooperative Communication and Networking

  • Dr. Peng GUO (PostDoc): protocol design for wireless sensor networks

  • Yan Mei (MPhil): IoT

  • Yingjie Chen (MPhil): Wireless Networks

  • Qinghong Chen (MPhil)

  • Zhe Lin (MPhil): IoT in healthcare

  • Fan Zhang (MPhil)

  • Linlin YANG (MPhil): network ad

  • Eric Lo (MPhil): Cooperative MAC for Wireless Networks

  • XiaoRui PAN (MPhil): Wireless Healthcare and Sensor Networks

  • Xing XU (MPhil): Wireless Sensor Networking

  • Christopher LIM (MPhil): Multi-radio Wireless Mesh Networks

  • HuiCheng (Addison) CHI (MPhil): P2P-based VoD service

  • Xiaoxi TANG (MPhil): Wireless Healthcare

  • Zhong SHEN (MPhil): Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Yanfeng Zhu (co-supervised Ph.D. from Tsinghua University)

  • Qing Chen (co-supervised Ph.D. from Tsinghua University)

  • Meng Zhang (co-supervised Ph.D. from Tsinghua University)

Visiting Students

  • Youwen Yi (Ph.D. student): incentive for cooperation in cognitive radio networks

  • Xinguo Wang (Ph.D. student): power-efficient MAC/routing design for wireless sensor networks

  • Sixin Ying (Ph.D. student): spectrum usage measurement

  • Zexi Yang (Ph.D. student): Cooperative Communications and Networkin

  • Jingyu Wang (Ph.D. student): multimedia over cognitive radio networks

  • Xin Xiao (Ph.D. student): P2P streaming

  • Jiayi Chen (Master student): wireless mesh networks

  • Bo Chen (Master student): seamless connectivity for airport maintenance

  • Yao Hua (Ph.D. student): Cooperative Communications and Networking

  • Yang Wang (Ph.D. student): Opportunistic routing in wireless networks

  • Meng Zhang (Ph.D. student): P2P-based VoD service

  • Ying Li (Ph.D. student): Coverage and protection issue in sensor networks

  • Yun Tang (Ph.D. student): incentive for P2P streaming service

  • Jiang-Guang Luo (Ph.D. student): P2P-based VoD service

  • Cong Peng (Ph.D. student): network coding for cooperative communication

  • Yanfeng Zhu (Ph.D. student): Multi-AP diversity in WLAN

  • Qing Chen (Ph.D. student): Cooperative and Opportunistic Scheduling in ad hoc networks

  • Lin Chen (Ph.D. student): Joint topology control and routing in ad hoc networks


I am currently recruiting well motivated and dedicated Ph.D. students in the wireless networking, spectrum management, sensor networks, and Internet of Things in healthcare.

Please contact with me if you have interest in those research areas.