Prof. Pan Hui

Prof. Pan Hui (ACM Distinguished Scientist)

(From September 2017, I will be on leave from HKUST and join University of Helsinki as Nokia Chair in Data Science and Professor in Computer Science. I will run a research team both in Hong Kong and Helsinki.)

I am an Assistant Professor at Computer Science and Engineering Department of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I have joined the HKUST since January 2013. My current research interests include Mobile Computing, Computer Networking, Data Analytics, and Human-Computer Interactions.

At HKUST, I am the director of System and Media Laboratory (SyMLab). I am also an Associate Editor of both IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing and IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing; moreover, I am on the editorial board of the Springer journal of Computational Social Networks, and a guest editor for IEEE Communications Magazine and ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications. Being selected as an ACM distinguished scientist is just another honor in my scholar records.

I am looking for top and motivated candidates for PhD and Postdocs for both HKUST and University of Helsinki to work on Augmented-Reality (AR), Mobile Computing, Social Networks or some other interesting Machine Learning/data mining applications. We are establishing the dual PhD programme so a qualified candidate can receive PhD degrees from both HKUST and University of Helsinki with the same thesis. I am also interested into hiring excellent interns to work on some researches of mutual interest together.

Interested and qualified candidates may like to send me their CV and Statement of Purpose (SOP). You can reach me through my HKUST email address (


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