Project Topics by Engagement in Higher-Order Thinking Skills:

Decision Making

"A reasoning process based on assumptions of values, preferences, and beliefs of the decision-maker"

Keywords: technology-assisted decision-making, group decision, cognitive bias, trust

Problem Solving

"The process of finding solutions to problems encountered in life, where the solutions are usually situation- or context-specific"

Keywords: technology for science, social problems, collective intelligence

Critical Thinking

"A process of actively & skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, & evaluating information to reach an answer or a conclusion"

Keywords: read, write, conceptualize, analyze, evaluate, reflect

Creative Thinking

"A process that combines divergent thinking for new ideas for solving problems and logical thinking for synthesizing these ideas into a creative solution"

Keywords: divergence, convergence, logic, metaphor, echological HCI


"A process of exchanging information, ideas and feelings as well as creating and sharing meaning to reach mutual understanding"

Keywords: communication barriers, multimodal communication, CMC, affect and affection


"A process of working together to achieve a shared goal"

Keywords: spatio-temporal context, group dynamics, crowd

Project Topics by Engagement in Different Application Domains:


"A domain pursues the health and happiness of humans through and beyond the healthcare system"

Keywords: physical health, mental health, aging, public health crisis, doctor-patient communication, precision medicine and beauty


"A domain concerning in-class as well as life-long learning, online or offline, synchronous or asynchronous"

Keywords: active learning, e-learning, life-long learning


"A demain about the internal process and external effect of design as a dialogue among products, users, and contexts"

Keywords: computational design, critique

Social and Crowd Computing

"A domain that studies the social phenomena in online environment and the engagement of online crowd"

Keywords: communication barriers, multimodal communication, CMC, affect and affection

Ubiquitous Computing

"A domain of introducing smart technologies and algorithms to households, workspace, transportation, etc."

Keywords: smart home, smart city, ubiquitous computing, privacy

Project Topics by Engagement with Different Forms of Technology:

Human-AI Interaction

"Interaction and collaboration with AI (physical robots and virtual agents)"

Keywords: robot, virtual agent, voice assistant, chatbot, drone, autonomous vehicle

Human-Data Interaction

"Interaction with data for analytics, reflection, or storytelling through visual and multimodal displays"

Keywords: data visualization, sonification, physicalization, edibilization, visual analytics, storytelling

Human-XR Interaction

"Interaction with physical and virtual entities in extended reality (XR)"

Keywords: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), extended reality (XR)