Research Overview

My research interest is data-driven approaches to Human-Engaged Computing (Read more). We aim to achieve a state of optimal, balanced synergism between humans and technological systems. For example, we explore how to promote human-AI synergy (Read more).

We use 'interactors' to denote human users and technological systems that form a 'symbiotic mutualism' relationship on the path towards a shared goal. The concept of 'engagement' reflects the affordance of each interactor in the process of achieving mutual enhancement.

Engagement is a state of consciousness made up of "what has been understood so far, what the interactors are each (or together) attending to, evidence of their waning connectedness, and evidence of their desire to disengage" [Sidner et al., 2005].

We take a user-centric, data-driven, computational approach to studying engaged humans and engaging technologies.

Inference and prediction of human engagement:

Analytics and communication of technology engagement:

Our research topics can be categorized by three means (click to see more details):