3D Wii Manipulation of Photos (WIMP)

3D Wii Manipulation of Photos (WIMP)
3D Wii Manipulation of Photos (WIMP) is a free, open source, 3D program for photo manipulation using the Wiimote and Infrared Emitters. It allows you to
  • review your photo album in 3D view according to your head motion
  • apply different kinds of image processing effect on your photos

without the need for a keyboard or mouse. You can control the program using a Wiimote and four Infrared emitters.
This program idea is based on the Wiimote Project created by Johnny Chung Lee .
Basic working idea of WIMP
The following figure shows the basic working idea of WIMP.
Overview of the WIMP Information Flow
Other Wii programs
Besides WIMP, two other Wii programs that can be downloaded from our website, they are:
  • WhiteBoard Program, this program is originally developed by Johnny Lee who already published the source code on his website. The following figure shows the basic working idea of WhiteBoard.
    Overview of the WhiteBoard Information Flow

    The WhiteBoard version you can download from our website is different from Johnny Lee's version, our program is modified a little bit so that the positioning accuracy is increased. The left image below comes from our version, the area (full screen) inside the red frame is calibrated, thus, the program will response accurately as long as you are pointing inside the screen.
    However, the right image comes from Johnny Lee's version, the grey area is not calibrated and therefore, if you are pointing on that area, the program will not response correctly (it is only in some situations where it will cause a problem, not always).
    Full screen whiteboard calibration
    (our improved version)
    Original whiteboard program calibration
    (from Johnny Lee's original program)
  • IR Display Program, this program is used to display the IR signals received by the Wiimote. The information flow of this program is the same as that of the WIMP, as shown at the top figure. The only difference is the display. There is an example image available in the Images & Videos page.