Best FYP/FYT Video Award

Starting from 2014-15 academic year, the CSE department sets up a new "Best FYP/FYT Video" award.

FYP/FYT students are invited to direct and produce a story-telling video about your FYP/FYT. It may tell your challenges and joys during FYP/FYT. It may record your hard coding work during midnight. It may show the proud demo of your final results, and much more.

The department will have a judging committee to vote for the award. No specific quota on the number of awards.

The winning team(s) will receive:

More on FYP/FYT video:

Further inquires, please contact the FYP/FYT coordinator.

List of Best FYP/FYT Videos

Year 2017-2018

The 3 Best FYP Video Awardees are:

2017-2018 HO3
Project Code: 2017-2018 HO3
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at UST Adventure Game

Members: KO Ming Tung Antonio, KWOK Pui Shan, TSE Shing Yan
Advisor: Prof. Andrew HORNER (horner)
Category: Computer Games

2017-2018 HUADL1
Project Code: 2017-2018 HUADL1
BitExTract: Interactive Visualization for Extracting Bitcoin Exchange Intelligence

Members: DU Xinnan, YU Zheqing, ZHU Xinyu
Advisors: Prof. Huamin QU (huamin), Prof. Dik-Lun LEE (dlee)
Category: Miscellaneous

2017-2018 KWT2
Project Code: 2017-2018 KWT2
Trespassers: A Haunted House VR Game App with Multi-Dimensional Interaction for Android Smartphones with Google Cardboard

Members: CHAN Man Yee, LUI Ka Kit, TSANG Cheuk Ling, TSANG Pak Kin
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth LEUNG (kwtleung)
Category: Vision and Graphics

Year 2016-2017

The 5 Best FYP Video Awardees are:

2016-2017 DES2
Project Code: 2016-2017 DES2
Virtual Reality Game Development using Unity and Leap Motion

Members: LEE Chun On, SIN Wing Lam, WONG Chun Yin
Advisor: Dr. Desmond TSOI (desmond)
Category: Computer Games

2016-2017 DES4
Project Code: 2016-2017 DES4

Members: CHIU Tsz Tsun, CHOY Ka Wai Jocelyn, LO Leong Cheung, NG Kai Hong
Advisor: Dr. Desmond TSOI (desmond)
Category: Mobile Applications

2016-2017 DL4
Project Code: 2016-2017 DL4
News Summarization System for Easy Understanding and Exploration

Members: LAU Yat Fei, LI Chi Chun
Advisor: Prof. Dik-Lun LEE (dlee)
Category: Software Technology

2016-2017 RAYW2
Project Code: 2016-2017 RAYW2
Automatic Parking Space Allocation and Indoor Parking Lot Navigation System with Beacon

Members: MOOLTHAM Man Keung, O Pui Wai, TSUI Ka Po
Advisor: Dr. Raymond WONG (raywong)
Category: Database

2016-2017 TA1
Project Code: 2016-2017 TA1
ToGather - An Android App to help like-minded Hongkongers gather together to enjoy cool grass-roots events

Members: FONG Ka Tat, HUI Sui Ho, KONG Ching Yi, OR Ka Wai
Advisor: Prof. Chiew-Lan TAI (taicl)
Category: Mobile Applications

Year 2015-2016

The 4 Best FYP Video Awardees are:

2015-2016 HO4
Project Code: 2015-2016 HO4
UMix - A Mobile Application of Music Production Tool

Members: AU Chun Ming, LAI Chi Kin Benjamin, NG Cheuk Ming
Advisor: Prof. Andrew HORNER (horner)
Category: Miscellaneous

2015-2016 LIX2
Project Code: 2015-2016 LIX2
CodeBook - an iOS Mobile App to Teach Children Basic Scratch Programming Skills and Concepts

Members: CHAU Wing In, CHO Kiu Fung, LAU Wai Kuen, WONG Lai Hong
Advisor: Dr. Cindy LI (lixin)
Category: Mobile Applications

2015-2016 QUAN1
Project Code: 2015-2016 QUAN1
Automated Data Collecting System for Computer Vision Using UAVs and Smartphones

Members: DENG Hanyu, LEUNG Yiu Lun
Advisor: Prof. Long QUAN (quan)
Category: Vision and Graphics

2015-2016 RO3
Project Code: 2015-2016 RO3
"The Dark Falls", A First Person 3D RPG

Members: CHAN Hin Yiu, FUNG Ho Long, HON Cheuk Hang, LEUNG Bryan Chun Yan
Advisor: Dr. David ROSSITER (rossiter)
Category: Computer Games

Year 2014-2015

The 3 Best FYP Video Awardees are:

2014-2015 HO1
Project Code: 2014-2015 HO1
UST Escape - A 2D Role-playing Adventure Mobile Game on Android

Members: CHUNG Chun Cheung, HON Wing Man, LEUNG Chin Pong, LEUNG Wai Man
Advisor: Prof. Andrew HORNER (horner)
Category: Computer Games

2014-2015 PAN4
Project Code: 2014-2015 PAN4
Presentation Tools with Gesture Recognition and Augmented Reality

Members: CHOW Yan Kit, SZETO Sai Kit, WONG Ka Chi, YIP Hong Ip
Advisor: Dr. Pan HUI (panhui)
Category: Mobile and Wireless Computing

2014-2015 PSAN1
Project Code: 2014-2015 PSAN1
AirTennis - A Web-based Mobile Motion Controlled Console Game

Members: NG Ngai Sing, SIU Wa Chiu, TUNG Matthew Tin-Lok
Advisor: Dr. Pedro SANDER (psander)
Category: Computer Games