Our Undergraduate Advising Team

The Undergraduate Advising Team at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is established to advise our students on their study plans and academic progress. Students are encouraged to contact their academic counselors to explore issues such as academic interests, personal aspirations, study pathways, course exemptions, credit overload/underload, etc. For UAP students, they must consult their academic counselors on their study matters.

For academic advising, please contact the respective academic counselors as follows:

Staff Members (for Academic Year 2019-2020)

Name Email Office Assigned Duties
Dr. Desmond TSOI Room 3553 Advisor for Year 2 Students (2018-19 Year Entrants)
Dr. Alex Ngok LAM Room 3548 Advisor for Year 3 Students (2017-18 Year Entrants)
Dr. Cecia CHAN Room 3525 Advisor for Year 4 Students (2016-17 Year Entrants)
Nicko SHEK Room 2532 Advisor for Direct Entry Students
Prof. Mordecai GOLIN Room 3559 Advisor for COSC Students