Additional Major(s)

With the approval of the relevant Major-program Coordinators, students may complete the requirements for more than one major program and have these programs appear on their transcript. The degree awarded - BEng, BSc, BBA - will be the one associated with their first major.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department offers two programs, both of which can be additional majors. They are

Additional Major(s) for Currently Enrolled COMP Students

Students registered as COMP majors should first talk with the UG Coordinator to decide if they should have COMP as their first major or first switch to COSC. The COSC page provides more details of this process. They may pursue additional major(s) if

Independent of the degree of the additional major(s), the degree students will receive is BEng (if they are registered in COMP) or BSc (if they are registered in COSC).

Non-CSE Students Pursuing An Additional Major in CSE

For other students (i.e., students NOT pursuing COMP/COSC as their first major), they may pursue an additional major in COMP or COSC if

In such case, the degree the students graduate with would follow the degree associated with their first major.

Major Selection for First-Year SENG Students

If you are a 1st year SENG student who would like to choose COMP or COSC in the CSE department to double major, you should

After receiving approval from both departments and if you decide to put COMP or COSC as your first major, put CSE down as your first choice during the Major Selection exercise toward the end of your first year. If you get assigned to CSE you will then be able to jumpstart your COMP or COSC program as your first major.