New York, New York, USA  June 23rd, 2013


Accepted Papers


1. Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks, , Adrien Guille, ERIC Lab, Lyon 2 University
2. Learning Queries for Relational, Semi-structured, and Graph Databases , Radu Ciucanu, Universitť Lille 1
3. Designing a Database System for Modern Processing Architectures,  Max Heimel,Technische Universitšt Berlin
4. DeepSea: Self-adaptive Data Partitioning and Replication in Scalable Distributed Data Systems, Jiang Du,  University of Toronto
5. Exploiting In-network Processing for Big Data Management, Lukas Rupprecht, Imperial College London
6. Turning Scientists into Data Explorers, Yağız Kargın, CWI, Amsterdam


Towards Graduation
7 RDF-4G: Algorithmic Building Blocks For Large-Scale Graph Analytics, Stephan Seufert, Max Planck Institute for Informatics
8 Discovering and Disambiguating Named Entities in Text, Johannes Hoffart, Max Planck Institute for Informatics
9 The Tantalizing New Prospect of Index-Based Diversified Retrieval, George Tsatsanifos, National Technical University of Athens
10 Exploratory Mining of Collaborative Social Content, Mahashweta Das,  Univ of Texas at Arlington
11 Effective Hashing for Large-scale Multimedia Search, Jingkuan Song, The university of Queensland
12 Efficient and Scalable Monitoring and Summarization of Large Probabilistic Data, Mingwang Tang, University of Utah