Beyond mobile phones: paradigm shift towards the next generation human centric interactive computing

Speaker:        Dr. Shengdong Zhao
                Department of Computer Science
                National University of Singapore

Title:          "Beyond mobile phones: paradigm shift towards the
                 next generation human centric interactive computing"

Date:           Monday, 12 February 2018

Time:           4:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue:          Lecture Theater F (near lifts 25/26), HKUST


We live in an interesting time. Although we don't know exactly what the
future will be like, it is certain that the changes will be
transformational. There are several noticeable trends: one is the change
of the interaction paradigm from reactive to pro-active computing. All
major companies are working on this paradigm shift, investing heavily in
AI and machine learning. This will redefine the role and responsibility of
our personal devices and dramatically change our lifestyles in the coming
years. Another interesting trend is the shift from device-centric to
human-and-environment-centric interactions, which has the promising
potential to allow humans to return to a more natural way of living. In
today's talk, I will first provide an overview of my past research in
Human Computer Interaction, followed by my future plans to contribute to
the grand vision of the next generation interactive computing. Realising
this vision requires us to place the fundamental human values in the heart
of our research programs, and work collectively across various


Dr. Shengdong Zhao is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer
Science, National University of Singapore. He is the founder of the
NUS-HCI research lab in CS department. Dr. Zhao completed his Ph.D. degree
in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. He also holds a Master's
degree in Information Management & Systems from the University of
California at Berkeley. Dr. Zhao has a wealth of experience in developing
new interface tools and applications to facilitate human-computer
interactions. One such application is Draco that won best iPad App of the
year in 2016. He publishes regularly in top HCI conferences and journals.
He is also working closely with the industry, and is currently serving as
a senior consultant with the Huawei Consumer Business Group. Dr. Zhao
frequently serves on program committees of top HCI conferences, and will
work as the paper chair for the ACM SIGCHI 2019, and 2020 conferences.
More information about Dr. Zhao and the NUS-HCI lab can be found at and