Seminars (Fall 2011)

Departmental Seminars (COMP 6911 & COMP 6912) Fall 2011

(Previous Course Codes: COMP 690 & COMP 691)

The regular seminar time slot is Monday, 4-5pm, except as otherwise indicated. These seminars are included in COMP 6911 & COMP 6912. Seminars held in other time slots are listed below in Other Departmental Seminars and are not included in COMP 6911 & COMP 6912.

Date & Time Venue Title Speaker Host
02 Sep 2011, Fri (11:00-12:00) Rm3311 Topic Modeling of Chinese Language [Joint Seminar] Dr. Zengchang QIN
Beihang Univ.
R. Wong
05 Sep 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF PG Orientation Dr. Lei CHEN
PG Coordinator
L. Chen
12 Sep 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00)   [Rescheduled to 02 Sep 2011, Fri, 11am]    
15 Sep 2011, Thu (13:00-14:00) LTG Research and Development of Precision Targeted Online Advertisement at Tencent (QQ) Dr. Paul YAN
Q. Yang
19 Sep 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00)   [Rescheduled to 15 Sep 2011, Thu, 1pm]    
26 Sep 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00)   [Rescheduled to 27 Sep 2011, Tue, 4pm]    
27 Sep 2011, Tue (16:00-17:00) Rm1511 Research Challenges in Cloud Computing, Many-Core and The Internet of Things Prof. Kai HWANG
Univ. of Southern California
L. Ni
03 Oct 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00)   No Seminar    
10 Oct 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Toward Learning Corpora Structure for Statistical Machine Translation [Joint Seminar] Dr. Marine CARPUAT
National Research Council, Canada
D. Wu
17 Oct 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00)   No Seminar    
24 Oct 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF How to Curb Network Energy Consumption Dr. Marco CANINI
EPFL, Switzerland
G. Chan
31 Oct 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00)   [Rescheduled to 04 Nov 2011, Fri, 3pm]    
04 Nov 2011, Fri (15:00-16:00) LTF Computational Problems in Systems Biology Dr. Joshua HO
Research Fellow in Medicine Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
D. Papadias
07 Nov 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Evolution of MATLAB [Joint Seminar] Prof. Cleve MOLER
M. Hamdi
14 Nov 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Cooperability: A New Property for Multithreading Dr. Jaeheon YI
Univ. of California, Santa Cruz
S. Kim
21 Nov 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Information Visualization as Interdisciplinary Research Dr. Jinwook SEO
Seoul National Univ, Korea
S. Kim
25 Nov 2011, Fri (15:30-16:30) Rm3416 Animated Construction of Line Drawings Dr. Hongbo FU
City Univ. of HK
C.L. Tai
28 Nov 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Experience and Recommendations on PhD Research at HKUST [Joint Seminar] Nathan LIU & Dr. Yu ZHANG
Q. Yang
29 Nov 2011, Tue (11:00-12:00) LTH GPX-Matcher: A Generic Boolean Predicate-based XPath Expression Matcher Prof. Hans-Arno JACOBSEN
Univ. of Toronto
C. Zhang
02 Dec 2011, Fri (15:00-16:00) LTF SkyRider: An Inexpensive and Clean Way for Super Scale Mobile Cloud Computing Dr. Pan HUI
T-labs, Germany
M. Hamdi
05 Dec 2011, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Dissecting Heterogeneity in Breast Cancer Dr. Yinyin YUAN
Cambridge Univ.
Q. Yang
07 Dec 2011, Wed (16:00-17:00) LTH
  1. Minimal Multithreading - Exploiting Redundancy in Parallel Systems
  2. Towards More Sustainable Computing
[Joint Seminar]
  1. Dr. Diana FRANKLIN
  2. Prof. Fred CHONG
Univ. of California at Santa Barbara
L. Gu

Other Departmental Seminars Fall 2011

Date & Time Venue Title Speaker Host
06 Jan 2012, Fri (11:00-12:00) Rm4475 Evidence-based Technology: Case Studies and Interactions Dr. Patrick HUNG
Univ. of Ontario Institute of Technology
S.C. Cheung
13 Jan 2012, Fri (10:30-11:30) Rm3315 A Routing and Addressing Architecture for a Future Internet Design [Networking Seminar] Prof. Malathi VEERARAGHAVAN
Univ. of Virginia
J. Muppala
16 Jan 2012, Mon (11:00-12:00) Rm3416 CI-Rank: Ranking Keyword Search Results Based on Collective Importance Dr. Xiaohui YU
York Univ, Canada
L. Chen
17 Jan 2012, Tue (11:00-12:00) Rm3416 On Matching Web-scale Entity Graphs Dr. Seung-won HWANG
L. Chen
18 Jan 2012, Wed (11:00-12:00) Rm2463 Scalable, Low-Latency Data Analytics and its Applications Dr. Yanlei DIAO
Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst
Q. Luo

Dekai Wu is the seminar coordinator for Fall 2011.

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