A Survey on Animation in Visual Data Storytelling

PhD Qualifying Examination

Title: "A Survey on Animation in Visual Data Storytelling"


Mr. Wenchao LI


The merits of storytelling are known to explain concepts, aid memory, 
create emotional connection, and spread values in different domains. 
Storytelling is also gaining popularity in the field of data visualization 
to enhance understanding and present complex data in an engaging manner. 
To tell compelling data stories, an increasing number of data 
visualizations have started using animation as a storytelling tactic. 
Animation is widely adopted to illustrate processes and communicate 
changes due to its inherent nature of presenting temporal evolution over 
time. While it is commonly used for data stories in practice, the roles of 
animation in data storytelling have not been systematically studied.

In this survey, we discuss recent developments in storytelling and 
animation techniques that aim to facilitate compelling data stories. We 
introduce the data story model and provide an organized review of 
animation techniques in data storytelling. The survey specifically focuses 
on the roles of animation in the visual data storytelling process, which 
include describing data, revealing insights, and evoking emotions. In 
addition, we discuss the challenges and potential research opportunities 
of designing effective animation for visual data storytelling.

Date:			Thursday, 18 October 2018

Time:                  	1:30pm - 3:30pm

Venue:                  Room 2408
                         Lifts 17/18

Committee Members:	Prof. Huamin Qu (Supervisor)
 			Prof. Chiew-Lan Tai (Chairperson)
 			Dr. Xiaojuan Ma
 			Dr. Pedro Sander

**** ALL are Welcome ****