A Survey on Multi-Dimensional Histograms

PhD Qualifying Examination

Title: "A Survey on Multi-Dimensional Histograms"


Mr. Christos KOUTRAS


Over the past few years the amount of information being processed by data 
management systems has grown exponentially, due to various technological 
advancements. Thus, a lot of research works have been focused on 
constructing novel summarization structures that make it possible to 
handle large datasets with the compromise of estimation errors when it 
comes to answering queries on them. One of the most popular such 
structures are histograms. The scope of this survey is to present and 
describe a majority of proposed histogram construction algorithms in the 
literature, as well as how they enable efficient and accurate estimation. 
Furthermore, we focus on the case where multiple dimensions are considered 
rather than one-dimensional techniques, which we briefly describe. 
Finally, we distinguish the case of 2D histograms for summarizing spatial 
data, since alternative histogram methods were widely applied for managing 
objects in 2D space.

Date:			Friday, 8 December 2017

Time:                  	2:00pm - 4:00pm

Venue:                  Room 5510
                         Lifts 25/26

Committee Members:	Prof. Dimitris Papadias (Supervisor)
 			Dr. Raymond Wong (Chairperson)
 			Dr. Qiong Luo
 			Dr. Ke Yi

**** ALL are Welcome ****