Group Members

Current Members

        Kaican Li, PhD student

Thesis topic: Domain generalization

        JAUNG, Stefan, PhD Student

Thesis Topic: Reinforcement learning

        LEE Dongkyu Lee. PhD Student

Thesis Topic: Deep NLP

        ZHOU Xingzhi, PhD Student

Thesis Topic: Deep Clustering

        LIN Zhi, PhD Student

Thesis Topic: Reinforcement learning

        ZHAO Yinxiu,  PhD Student (HKUST/GZ)

Thesis Topic: Deep NLP

        XIE Weiyan,  PhD Student (HKUST/GZ)

Thesis Topic: XAI

        GAO Han, Part-time PhD Student

Thesis Topic: Causal Inference and Deep Learning

        WEI Yue: Part-time PhD Student



Student honors:

        ZHAO Yingxiu, 3/2023, nominated for IPO Best Research Award by Information Hub

        Dongkyu Lee, 2021/22 RedBird PhD Award for Continuing Students.

        Zhiliang TIAN, 2020/21 RedBird PhD Award for Continuing Students.

        MPhil Student LAM Wing Tung

o   First Prize at the 6th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition,

o   Silver Prize at the 6th China International Students¨ ^Internet+ ̄ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

        2019 CSE Best FYP: KO Chung Wa, THAM Brendan Guang Yao, WONG Wen Yan, Pairs Trading with Machine Learning. Supervisor: Nevin L. Zhang.

        2019 ECE Best FYT: Phoomraphee Luenam, Deep Learning Methods for Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Ultra-Wide-Field Retinal Images. Supervisors: Mathew McKay, Nevin L. Zhang





        TIAN Zhiliang, PhD (2022), Now at National Defense University

        Xue Lanqing, PhD (2021), Now at Ant Financial Services Group Shanghai.

        LAM Wing Tung, MPhil (2021_

        Farhan Khawar, PhD (2020). Applied Scientist at Amazon, Toronto

        Chen Zhourong, PhD (2019). Now at Bytedance Shanghai, formerly at Google USA.

        Li Xiaopeng, PhD (2019). Now at Amazon USA.

        Leung Chun Fai, MPhil (2018)

Now at: Hong Kong Startup

        Chen Peixian, Ph.D. (2017)

Now at: Shanghai, Ant Financial Services Group

        Liu April Hua, Ph.D. (2015)

Now: Assistant Professor, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

        Liu Tengfei, Ph.D. (2015)

Now: Senior Data Mining Engineer, Ant Financial Services Group

        Leonard Kin Man Poon, Ph.D. (2012)

Now: Machine Learning Scientist, Barings, London

        Wang Yi, Ph.D. (2009)

Now: Staff Technologist, Rolls-Royce, Singapore

        Chen Tao, Ph.D. (2008)

Now: Director of Security and Risk Management, Ant Financial Service Group

        Sam P. M. Choi, PhD

Now: Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Open University

        Weihong Zhang, PhD

Now:  CEO, Cmind, Boston

        Haipeng Guo  (post doc)

Now: Professor, Computer Science and Technology, United International College, Zhuhai

        Wenju Liu  (post doc)


        Zhang Jianfeng (visiting scholar 2017)

        Zhou Xuezhong (visiting scholar 2016)

        Wang Xiaofei (visiting scholar 2014)

        Xu Zhaoxia (visiting scholar 2012)

        Chen Mingxing (MPhil)

        Li Yan (MPhil)

        Hua Dong (MPhil)

        Lee Siu Shan Stephen (MPhil)