Vision and Graphics FYP Report Examples

Below are some links to FYP / FYT reports related to computer vision and/or computer graphics. Links to videos of associated oral presentations are also available for most of them.

Project Title Project Description Link(s)
2015 MU1
Indoor Map System
An indoor map system consisting of a mapmaker and a map viewer; allows users to make their own detailed 3D indoor map with few steps; based on HTML5 based, CSS and PHP and the MVC pattern. report
2015 PSAN1
AirTennis: A Web-Based, Mobile Motion Controlled Console Game
A cool game that allows two players to play virtual tennis via computer displays and "tennis raquets" that are actually smart phones with accelerometers and gyroscopes; distinguished project! reportvideo
2015 PSAN2
Corwbar: 3D Level 'Map' Editor for Video Games
A new editor intended to help streamline the development process of a 3D computer game level, maintain user focus on abstract tasks that are relevant to the design process, automate the subsequent operations required to achieve these tasks and assist users in constructing complex geometry report video
2013 RO2
Battle Fury: Multiplayer Game
A prototype third-person action multiplayer game developed with Unreal Script, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Mudbox, World Machine, GIMP, Photoshop and the Unreal Development Kit reportvideo
2013 PSAN1
Audio-Visual Enhancement to a Gigapixel Image of HK
An online panorama viewer for a gigapixel image of Hong Kong, including various multimedia features, utilizing the client-side web scripting techniques and the robustness of Seadragon API reportvideo
2013 TA1
Object-Level Manipulation of Single Images with Minimal User Interaction
A framework to support smart object-level manipulation in the context of man-made environments wherein objects are simple and regular; minimal user interaction required to calculate the light position and camera parameters and can decompose an image into a background layer and textured 3D proxies; allows a large amount of intuitive image manipulations simulating real-world behavior. report
2012 PSAN2
360 Degree Panoramic Image Projection Through Auto-pilot Drone Control
Decent looking panoramic images using the Parrot AR.Drone reportvideo
2012 PSAN4
Alignment and Enhancement of Gigapixel Images
Very detailed explanation of how enhancement works reportvideo
2011 PSAN1
Time-lapse GigaPixel Videos
Smooth blending of gigapixel images and lower resolution videos of the same images; creative use of joint bilateral upsampling, a shader, Delaunay triangulation and barycentric coordinates reportvideo
2010 PSAN1
Gigapixel Image Viewer for a Multi-Display Array Controlled by a Wii Remote
Creative use of Wiimote with a 12-display array; distinguished project! reportvideo
2009 TA3
Easy 3D Modeling: Designing Freeform Models with 3D Curves
An implementation of the algorithms of a sketch-based modeling system called FiberMesh, a real-time system for designing freeform surfaces with a collection of 3D curves; provides a user-friendly interface that allows the user to draw a 3D model by interactively adding or changing the control curves which define the shape of the model; allows the user to change control curves to modify the model's geometry; achieved most of the functionalities of FiberMesh; distinguished project! report

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