Motion Control and Gesture Recognition FYP Report Examples

Below are some links to some previous FYP reports related to motion control and gesture recognition. Links to associated oral presentation videos are also available.

Project Title Project Description Link(s)
2015 MA1
Leap Sense: Turn Any Computer Screen into a Gesture-Assisted Touch Screen Using a Leap Motion Controller
Utilizes a Leap Motion Controller to detect hand movement and enable gesture control and virtual touch screen functionality; distinguished project; 2015 HKUST President's Cup Winner! reportvideo
2015 PAN4
Presentation Tools with Gesture Recognition and Augmented Reality
Cool and dynamic presentation software using a Leap Motion controller and adding Augmented Reality (AR) into the presentations; includes an add-in for MS PowerPoint reportvideo
2015 PSAN1
AirTennis: A Web-Based, Mobile Motion Controlled Console Game
A cool game that allows two players to play virtual tennis via computer displays and "tennis raquets" that are actually smart phones with accelerometers and gyroscopes
2013 MA1
Kinect-Based Windows control Using Finger Gestures
Hand tracking integrated with traditional Windows control reportvideo
2012 MA1
SixthSense - Wearable Gestural Interface
Creative DIY method way to interact with a computer by using pocket projector, a normal web camera, a mirror and a frame binding all these together. reportvideo
2010 MA1
Camera Based Interactive Wall Display With Hand Detection Using LED Lights
Innovative DIY hand detection technique that uses a simple, low-budget web camera and three LED lights; distinguished project! reportvideo

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