Mobile and Wireless Computing FYP Report Examples

Below are some links to some previous FYP reports related to mobile and wireless computing.

Project Title Project Description Link(s)
2015 WIL2
Personal Health and Activity Monitoring Assistant
Allows users to record their sleeping hours, daily activities, calories absorbed and burned and then view reports and receive reminders or suggestions to improve their lifestyles reportvideo
2014 QIAN1
Price Sharing Android App
Allows users to compare different prices of individual items and a whole shopping cart at different vendors, store favorite items and check price history; includes some crowdsourcing report
2013 LZ2
A Traditional Chinese Medicine Android App for Sub-Health II
Fast app for asking pertinent health-related questions; updated GUI reportvideo
2012 LUO1
iCDD - An iPhone-based Choh Dai Di Card Game
iPhone Choi Dai Di game with the popular initial card exchange; includes beginning, intermediate and advanced AI levels of difficulty; good introduction for Cho Dai Di beginners; developed with Xcode with the cocos2d plug-in reportvideo
2012 MA3
An Indoor Location-based (Android) App Based on a Location Fingerprinting Technique
Localization using three techniques plus a tool to meet strangers; very good project! reportvideo
2012 PSAN2
360 Degree Panoramic Image Projection Through Auto-pilot Drone Control
Decent looking panoramic images using the Parrot AR.Drone reportvideo
2011 MU3
Voicemaps - A Collaborative Android App Providing an Online Google Map with Audible Cantonese Pronunciations for Expats and Tourists in HK
A built in Android text-to-speech (TTS) engine for English, an open source TTS engine for Putonghua and a custom-made TTS engine for Cantonese; distinguished project! reportvideo
2011 SC2
Hong Kong Retail Store Price Checking Application for iPhone
Convenient iPhone app that lets people compare the prices of products at ParknShop and Wellcome anywhere and anytime reportvideo
2010 LINGU1
In-Network Data Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks
Good use and testing of light sensor and accelerometer; distinguished project! reportvideo

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