Data, Knowledge and Information Management FYP Report Examples

Below are some links to some previous FYP reports related to data, knowledge and information management.

Project Title Project Description Link(s)
2016 LUO2
RPG Teaching Assistant Management System
A website with a responsive UI to help the CSE Department professors and administrative staff assign TAs to courses each semester, including a matching program that takes into consideration a number factors, including course requirements and schedules, the preferences of advisors and the experience, research areas and preferences of PG students reportvideo
2015 WIL1
Comparing the Web Accessibility Awareness of Hong Kong with That of the Rest of the World
A very systematic and automated approach to categorizing websites for fair and practical comparison purposes; includes algorithms to check it a given website complies with selected WCAG 2.0 guidelines, noting elements that do not comply, providing web accessibility scores and automatically providing suggestions for improvement reportvideo
2015 WIL2
Personal Health and Activity Monitoring Assistant
An Android app that helps the user monitor his or her daily activity and that also identifies potential areas that need attention, like sleep, work, diet, recreation and physical exercise; includes charts, diagrams, reminders, alerts, suggestions and convenient data input pages. reportvideo
2015 WIL3
Research on Web Accessibility for the Elderly in Hong Kong
Very good research on web accessibility, including online research and surveys and resulting in practical standards and solutions that were also field tested reportvideo
2013 FR3
Export/Import Operations and Administration System
A complex database management system for SriKrishna Logistics in Mumbai, India; handles customs clearing and forwarding activities of import and export firms and helps internal operations, HR, administration and sales personnel perform daily duties in a more efficient, automated and secure manner; distinguished project! report
2013 LUO2
A Web Portal for Hiking in HK
Utilization of Google fusion tables and KML files for indicating itineraries on HK trails reportvideo
2013 LUO3
Fast No-SQL Database with Hardware Acceleration
GPU parallel processing to speed up some instructions of SciDB reportvideo
2013 WIL1
Course Materials Assistant @HKUST
A web based tool that employs page classification, web page filtering, web crawling and cloud computing to automatically download lecture notes, class assignments and important announcements reportvideo
2011 SC2
Hong Kong Retail Store Price Checking Application for iPhone
Convenient iPhone app that lets people compare the prices of products at ParknShop and Wellcome anywhere and anytime reportvideo
2011 WIL4
Collaborative Online Chinese Cookbook System
Social networking service and collaborative online Chinese cookbook website that provides a platform for sharing recipes reportvideo
2011 WIL5
Integrity Constraints of Probabilistic Databases
A novel functional dependency normal form to reduce redundancy reportvideo
2010 LEI4
Stock Price Prediction via Time Series Data & Financial News Analysis
Pattern matching, linear regression and technical analysis; nice graphics reportvideo
2010 WIL2
New Airport Cashier System for Cathay Pacific Airways & Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd
A specialized cashier system which separately operates in two independent platforms and is able to handle the increased volume of cashier documents without additional manpower; satisfied some urgent needs of HAS and CX cashier system users; greatly improves productivity and information circulation between two business partners reportvideo

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