Corporate Software FYP Report Examples

Below are some links to some previous FYP reports related to corporate software. Links to two associated videos are also available.

Project Title Project Description Link(s)
2015 MU3
Mobile Quiz Engine with Social Features
An easy-to-maintain, scalable and stable mobile quiz game that includes a large question bank of 1,500 questions in 6 categories, social features and an algorithm that can fetch questions from the server in a self-learning manner; can be further developed and monetized later by Moonfish Software Limited report
2013 FR3
Export/Import Operations and Administration System
A complex database management system for SriKrishna Logistics in Mumbai, India; handles customs clearing and forwarding activities of import and export firms and helps internal operations, HR, administration and sales personnel perform daily duties in a more efficient, automated and secure manner; distinguished project! report
2013 RO3
Stock Data Market Analysis System
A tool for an investment company, HWK, that uses pre-processing and pattern recognition algorithms to automate and optimize the price patter recognition process for six common stock chart patterns reportvideo
2010 WIL2
New Airport Cashier System for Cathay Pacific Airways & Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd
Real-life business application for Cathay Pacific reportvideo

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