Computer Games and Game Editor FYP Report Examples

Below are some links to some previous FYP reports related to computer games and game editors. Links to videos of associated oral presentations are also available.

Project Title Project Description Link(s)
2015 MU3
Mobile Quiz Engine with Social Features
An easy-to-maintain, scalable and stable mobile quiz game that includes a large question bank of 1,500 questions in 6 categories, social features and an algorithm that can fetch questions from the server in a self-learning manner; can be further developed and monetized later by Moonfish Software Limited report
2015 PSAN1
AirTennis: A Web-Based, Mobile Motion Controlled Console Game
A cool game that allows two players to play virtual tennis via computer displays and "tennis raquets" that are actually smart phones with accelerometers and gyroscopes; distinguished project! reportvideo
2015 PSAN2
Crowbar: 3D Level 'Map' Editor for Video Games
A new editor intended to help streamline the development process of a 3D computer game level, maintain user focus on abstract tasks that are relevant to the design process, automate the subsequent operations required to achieve these tasks and assist users in constructing complex geometry report video
2013 RO2
Battle Fury: Multiplayer Game
A prototype third-person action multiplayer game developed with Unreal Script, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Mudbox, World Machine, GIMP, Photoshop and the Unreal Development Kit reportvideo
2012 LUO1
iCDD - An iPhone-based Choh Dai Di Card Game
iPhone Choi Dai Di game with the popular initial card exchange; includes beginning, intermediate and advanced AI levels of difficulty; good introduction for Cho Dai Di beginners; developed with Xcode with the cocos2d plug-in reportvideo
2011 MA3
Texas Holdem Poker AI Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques
Experimenting with different machine learning paradigms to find an improved means to calculate win probabilities reportvideo

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