Artificial Intelligence FYP Report Examples

Below are some links to FYP / FYT reports related to artificial intelligence. Links to videos of associated oral presentations are also available.

Project Title Project Description Link(s)
2015 LZ1
Topic-Based Browsing of the Amazon Discussions Feedback Forum
Utilizes latent Dirichlet allocation to automatically organize the posts on an Internet forum based on the topics the posts; displays the results on a website so that users can directly browse the forum by topic reportvideo
2015 MA1
Leap Sense: Turn Any Computer Screen into a Gesture-Assisted Touch Screen Using a Leap Motion Controller
Utilizes a Leap Motion Controller to detect hand movement and enable gesture control and virtual touch screen functionality; distinguished project; 2015 HKUST President's Cup Winner! reportvideo
2015 PAN4
Presentation Tools with Gesture Recognition and Augmented Reality
Cool and dynamic presentation software using a Leap Motion controller and adding Augmented Reality (AR) into the presentations; includes an add-in for MS PowerPoint reportvideo
2015 PSAN1
AirTennis: A Web-Based, Mobile Motion Controlled Console Game
A cool game that allows two players to play virtual tennis via computer displays and "tennis raquets" that are actually smart phones with accelerometers and gyroscopes
2013 LZ2
A Traditional Chinese Medicine Android App for Sub-Health II
Fast app for asking pertinent health-related questions; updated GUI reportvideo
2013 MA1
Kinect-Based Windows control Using Finger Gestures
Hand tracking integrated with traditional Windows control reportvideo
2013 MA3
Windows Kinect 3D Fighter Game
3D fighting game from the first-person perspective that allows discrete combos and relies on voice commands and natural body movements captured by an MS Kinect video
2012 MA1
SixthSense - Wearable Gestural Interface
Creative DIY method way to interact with a computer by using pocket projector, a normal web camera, a mirror and a frame binding all these together. reportvideo
2010 MA1
Camera Based Interactive Wall Display With Hand Detection Using LED Lights
Innovative DIY hand detection technique that uses a simple, low-budget web camera and three LED lights; distinguished project! reportvideo

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