FYP Reports

Every FYP group is required to submit three reports: a proposal (due in September), a progress report (due in February) and a final report (due in April). The structure of these reports is almost the same. The proposal is the basis for the progress report, which is the basis for the final report. The CTs can help with all three reports, although they primarily help with the proposal and progress report after these reports are already submitted.

FYP Report and Presentation Examples

FYP project topics typically follow FYP advisors' research areas of interest. Some FYP advisors have given permission to view some examples of good FYP final reports via this website. Since FYP oral presentations typically include MS PowerPoint presentations that follow the same structure as the final reports, watching videos of previous FYP oral presentations can also be helpful. Thus, some examples of good FYP oral presentations have been collected and uploaded to YouTube. The reports and presentations have been categorized according to research area, and links are provided below.

Artificial Intelligence Reports Presentations
Computer Games and Game Editors Reports Presentations
Corporate Software Reports Presentations
Data, Knowledge and Information Management Reports Presentations
Embedded Systems Reports Presentations
HKUST Related Software Reports Presentations
Human-Computer Interaction Reports Presentations
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining with Big Data Reports Presentations
Mobile and Wireless Computing Reports Presentations
Motion Control and Gesture Recognition Reports Presentations
Networking and Computer Systems Reports Presentations
RFID and NFC Reports Presentations
Software Technologies Reports Presentations
Theoretical Computer Science Reports Presentations
Vision and Graphics Reports Presentations

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