FYP / FYT Phase 1 - Getting Started

If you want to get off to a good start with your FYP or FYT, here are five things to do from June to September:

  1. Utilize the CT website
  2. Watch FYP / FYT oral presentations
  3. Consider what it takes to have a winning FYP or FYT
  4. Consider success tips from previous winners
  5. Make the most of your summer

The video below describes how to do these things.

As you start your FYP, here are some tips:

Start early!

If you wait until September to start your FYP, you may not get off to a good start. The summer is the best time to do your foundational work:

Utilize the CT website

Begin having FYP meetings

  • Meet with your group mates and your advisor to define your goals, to make a plan for researching and learning about your topic and to decide on roles and responsibilities.
  • When you meet as a group (with or without your advisor), record minutes during the meeting or immediately afterwards. These will be accumulated and included in each report.

Write your draft Proposal

The following video introduces the sections of the FYP / FYT Proposal and gives some tips on how to start:

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