April Checklist for FYP / FYT Work

Below is a possible checklist for you to finish up well. Not all of the items will apply to you or your group, and only three or four items are actually mandatory. Most are just suggestions.


If you need volunteer testers, then:

  • Recruit some ASAP (the more the better)
  • Take photos and/or video clips of them testing your application.
  • Prepare an online questionnaire for user feedback (e.g., Google forms) and ask the testers to complete it.

Writing the Final Report

  • See your communication tutor (CT) regarding your progress report and final report.
  • Write your final report, making the changes suggested by your CT, if appropriate, and referencing previous final reports related to your project (if any).
  • Run a spell check in MS Word to check your spelling.
  • Send your final report draft to your FYP advisor and ask for his/her advice.
  • Submit your final report before the deadline.

Preparing for the Oral Presentation

  • Watch videos of oral presentations for projects similar to yours.
  • Prepare your oral presentation outline and PowerPoint (or Prezi) slides, condensing your final report into a 20-25 minute talk. (Some extra slides for Q&A time may also be a good idea).
  • Prepare your live demo. If it's not convenient to do it indoors, then make a video of a demo where it's appropriate.
  • Practice your oral presentation at least two times privately as a group, making a video and then watching it together to evaluate yourselves.
  • Practice your oral presentation at least once with your advisor, CT or friends to get some comments.
  • Check out the room for your oral presentation a few days in advance to make sure that your software works OK and that you have all necessary cables.
  • If your project is a mobile app, get an adapter or find some other method to display it on the overhead projector and test it in the classroom of your presentation a few days in advance.

Making a Demo Video

  • If your project is action-oriented, be taking photos and/or video clips of your project development so people can visualize what you did.
  • According to your type of project, capture videos with a camera or screen capturing software. Still shots can be good too.
  • Pick the best ones.
  • Edit the video clips with tools like Camtasia, OfficeMix, iMovie, MS Movie Maker and Goanimate.com (for DIY animations).
  • If you think your demo video is exceptional, submit it to the CSE Demo Video contest to try to win $1000.


  • Submit your individual self-assessment reports (only for FYP groups of 2-4 students).
  • Condense your PowerPoint (or Prezi) presentation into a project poster and submit it.

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