Last Updated on 30 April 2014

Final Year Project (FYP) Overview

FYP Schedule

The FYP is a year-long project that evolves through five phases:

  1. Proposal
    You have from June 1 to Sept. 23 (115 days) to brainstorm, research, read and plan.
    In general, this report tells what you plan to do for your FYP.
    Click here to download a sample FYP proposal template.
    It is due in
  2. Progress report
    You have from Sept. 23 to Feb. 17 (147 days) to do the bulk of your project work.
    In general, this report tells what you've been doing and what you still plan to do.
    It is due in
  3. Final report
    You have from Feb. 17 to April 21 (63 days) to finalize your work, test it, evaluate it and document it.
    In general, this report tells what you did and what your conclusions are.
    It is due in
    (Note: your Self-Assessment Report is due at the same time.)
  4. Presentation
    You have until late April or early May to prepare and practice for your oral presentation.
    This is the climax of your project, when you tell your advisor and second reader what you did. For some students, it is the climax of their entire university education, so feel free to invite your parents and friends to attend.
  5. Poster
    Shortly after you finish your final report, you need to make a poster to summarize your FYP.

    Note: the number of days, hours and minutes displayed above may not be accurate for users outside of Hong Kong.

FYP Grading

Your FYP is graded by your advisor and a reader, and they will look at several grading factors.  Your communication tutor (CT) can help you with the presentation factor.  Overall, 21% of your FYP grade is based on the presentation of your three written reports, and 7.5% is based on how well you give your oral presentation.  Thus, your CT can help you with 28.5% of your FYP grade if you want the help.  Since competition is quite fierce, this extra help may make a difference.

The best FYPs (with a grade of A+) win awards at the end.  To be considered for an A+, each project must (1) solve a significant problem, (2) have a well-written report, and (3) have an impressive demo.  Not all students in award-winning groups received A+ due to differentiation by supervisors.  Also, some students might receive an A+ for their project grades even though their group projects fell short in at least one of the three criteria used.  You can see the posters of last year's winning FYPs inside the glass cases outside Room 3558.  You can also visit the online List of Distinguished FYPs and view comments from FYP Winners

FYP English Help

The CSE Department wants all students to learn to write good academic reports, so all FYP students are required to meet with their CT twice during the year:

You can also meet with your CT during any of the following times if you want:



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