UG Committee

The UG Committee handles all issues related to UG student learning and mentoring. This includes:

  • Orientation of new students
  • Mentoring and advising of students
  • International and Mainland students
  • Academic performance
  • Internships
  • Exchange programs and scholarships
  • Final Year Projects/Theses
  • Competitions
  • QAC issues - ensuring quality processes are in place, such as staff-student liaison
  • Workload monitoring of programs and courses on a semester-by-semester basis
  • Student life

The Current Membership of the Committee (2018-2019) is as follows:

  • Dr. Pedro SANDER (Chair & UG Coordinator)
  • Dr. Cindy LI (Associate UG Coordinator)
  • Prof. Shing-Chi CHEUNG (Curriculum & Teaching Innovation Committee Chair)
  • Prof. Nevin ZHANG (FYP/FYT Coordinator)
  • Prof. Mordecai GOLIN (COSC Coordinator)
  • Dr. Wilfred NG (CPEG Program Associate Director; DSCT Program Associate Director)
  • Dr. Raymond WONG (RMBI Program Director)
  • Dr. Brahim BENSAOU (Minors Coordinator)