Desmond Yau Chat TSOI

Desmond Yau Chat TSOI 蔡友集

PhD in Computer Science, Nanyang Technological University

Assistant Professor of Engineering Education

Desmond Yau Chat TSOI
Tel: (852) 2358 6984
Office: Room 3553
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Desmond Yau Chat TSOI

(852) 2358 6984



Room 3553

Personal Webpage

Research Area

Vision and Graphics

Research Interests

Computer vision; Image processing; Multimedia technology; Vision and graphics; Web technologies and engineering


Dr. Desmond Tsoi is an academic in Computer Science and Engineering. He obtained his BEng in Computer Engineering and MPhil in Computer Science from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In 2009, he obtained his PhD in Computer Science at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Dr. Tsoi has strong passion in tertiary education and has extensive experience in teaching students from different backgrounds and in different levels. He has held teaching positions at the Nanyang Technological University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (SPEED), and Hong Kong College of Technology. In the recent past he was the Programme Leader of Associate of Science in Information Systems Development at the Division of Applied Science and Technology, Community College of City University. On top of teaching, Dr. Tsoi has enthusiasm on conducting academic research. He has published academic papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences, such as IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, and IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), in the field of Computer Vision. His research interests include Computer Vision, Image/Video Processing, Computer Graphics, Web Technology and Multimedia.