Equipment Inventory

We rely on faculty member to keep track of research equipment. Every year during the physical stock-take, we distribute a list to faculty members with a list of equipment required under their names. We help faculty to find out the whereabout of the equipment for research. We did not have much problem as most research equipment are kept in the labs, such as machines, servers and display monitors.

However, we noticed that research equipment is more mobile than ever - it includes equipment such as laptop, mobile phone, camera, RFID reader and sensors... and most of them are kept by PGs.

As the research equipment becomes increasing mobile, and PG comes and go, we will put these equipment - laptops, mobile phones, cameras, and anything that is more than $5,000 - to be logged in the loan databases, just as the FYP equipment.

The loan databases will log down the name of students/PGs of whom the equipment is in possession, and will send reminders at the end of loan period to return.

This is by no means to inconvenient the faculty and the PGs for their research work. We already have such a system in place, and would like to help to keep track of mobile equipment that would be difficult to trace years later. It happened. The faculty will ultimately the ones to be responsible afterall.

*Approved by the FC (email: ) at 5 Jun, 2006.