ACM-HK Bioinformatics Symposium (HKUST)

March 27, 2010
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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The ACM-HK Bioinformatics Symposium (HKUST) event provides an excellent opportunity for computer science/engineering/bioinformatics students from all universities in Hong Kong and Macau to gain exposure in conference, to present their innovative bioinformatics research work, and to share research ideas and experiences. Through this event, we aim at fostering an environment to promote closer interactions and collaborations among students and to promote R&D awareness in Hong Kong and Macau.

Date and Hosting Institute

The forthcoming ACM-HK Bioinformatics Symposium (HKUST) will be held on March 27, 2010 at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

There will be keynote speeches by the speakers around the world. There will also be a reception on that day. Each poster participant will first make a brief oral presentation about his/her work in the morning. The length of each presentation ranges from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. The exact length depends on the number of participants. After that, each poster participant will present his/her poster.


Students of all local universities in Hong Kong and Macau are invited to submit posters and papers for presenting their late-breaking results, ongoing research projects, and speculative or innovative work in progress. Posters and papers are being solicited in areas related to bioinformatics, computational biology and medical image analysis. Online proceedings will be published, yet the copyright of accepted and published paper in the proceedings remains with the author(s). Posters and papers are intended to provide students with the opportunity to connect with each other and to engage in discussions about the work in an informal and interactive setting.

Important Dates

Conference date: March 27, 2010


Poster and paper submissions should provide an overview of the research work, methodologies, and results if available. The author(s) name and affiliation(s) should be present in the submissions, which must include a student who is currently registered as a student in any of the local universities in Hong Kong and Macau. We accept submissions in PDF format.

All poster and paper submissions must include title, abstract, body, and bibliography. There are no format instructions for poster submission but the size of each poster panel is 980mm x 1390mm. Formatting instructions for paper submission are described in template.doc in WORD format and in in LATEX format. All submissions should be submitted via our submission system.

The CFP advertisement can be found at this link.

Students who register will be allocated one poster stand, and students can bring their posters over or ask us to print out their posters if they prepare a one page 980mm x 1390mm ppt or pdf. In case that students want to ask us to print out their posters, students are required to send an email to with subject "ACM-HK Poster Printing Service". Your email should include your name, your poster title and your email. Alternatively, you can enter your preference in our online submission system.

This year, we will give at least one award for "Best Poster Award".

Please click here to submit your poster and paper.

Registration and Banquet

The registration and the banquet will be free.

The registration has been closed.

We will have our banquet on a boat.

The details of our banquet are described as follows.


Advance Program
Venue: LTJ HKUST (Direction & Campus Map)
08:30-09:00 Registration
Opening Session and Welcome Address (Chair: Qiang Yang)
Invited Talk (Chair: Qiang Yang)
Speaker: Professor Limsoon Wong
Title: Two Computational Biology Challenges


Invited Talk (Chair: Siu-Wing Cheng)
Speaker: Professor Wen-Lian Hsu
Title: Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Bioinformatics


Coffee Break
10:30-11:30 Invited Talk (Chair: Raymond Wong)
Speaker: Professor Xuegong Zhang
Title: Computational prediction of MicroRNA-regulated pathways in the differentiation of histological grades in breast cancer


Invited Talk (Chair: Albert Chung)
Speaker: Dr. Ruiqiang Li, Director of Bioinformatics, BGI Shenzhen
Title: Sequencing, sequencing and sequencing


Poster Fast-Forward Session (Chair: Qiang Yang and Raymond Wong)
Each poster paper will give an oral presentation of length 2 minutes (scheduled in the order listed in Poster Session in this link.)
Poster Session and Lunch (Chair: Qiang Yang and Raymond Wong)
Venue: Near to the entrance of LT J
Poster List: A list of posters can be found in this link.

Lunch will be served during the poster session.

Talks by HK Researchers (Chair: Lei Chen)
Talk 1
Speaker: Professor Hong Yan
Title: Analysis and Detection of Nucleosome Positions


Talk 2:

Speaker: Professor Nelson Tang
Title: Population genetics of gene expression: application of linear mixed model


Talk 3:

Speaker: Professor Qiang Yang
Title: Transfer Learning in Bioinformatics


Talk 4:

Speaker: Professor Hannah Hong Xue
Title: A Bioinformatics Perspective on a Schizophrenia Candidate Gene


Talk 5:

Speaker: Dr. Xiaodan Fan
Title: Multiple Steady States of Gene Networks



Coffee Break
Panel Discussion
Panel Title How do computer scientists conduct successful research in Bioinformatics?
Panel Chair: Siu-wing Cheng
Panel Members Professor Limsoon Wong
Professor Wen-Lian Hsu
Professor Xuegong Zhang
Dr. Ruiqiang Li
Dr. Albert Chung
Banquet and Award Ceremony

Details about the banquet (e.g., the gathering time and venue) can be found at this link.



The photo album can be found at this link.

Direction to UST

Direction Direction to HKUST (Direction & Campus Map)

Direction to Venue within HKUST: LTJ

UST Location (in Google Map):  
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Local Chairs: Lei Chen and Albert Chung
Program Chairs: Raymond Wong and Qiang Yang
General Chairs: Philips Wang and Siu-wing Cheng
ACM-HK Liaison: Chong Wah Ngo

Student Helpers: