HKUST Programming Contest

Fall 2018

The HKUST Programming Contest 2018 Fall will be held on September 22nd (Sat). It is opened to all HKUST students. Outstanding performers in the contest may be selected into HKUST Programming Team for outside contests. As a team member of the HKUST Programming Team, you will have opportunities to represent HKUST to participate in other world-wide programming contest. In recent years, our teams have been to China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Poland, USA and Canada for participating in regional and world-final programming contest organized by ACM.

This year, 2018 Fall contest would be used to absorb new team members and to prepare for the ACM/ICPC Asia Regional Contests from October to December 2018. You may be able to represent HKUST to join ACM/ICPC World Final 2019 through your hard work.

Event: HKUST Programming Contest 2018 Fall
Date: September 22, 2018 (Saturday)
Venue: CS Lab 3 (Room 4213)
Time: Trial Run: 13:20-13:40 (GTM+8), September 22, 2017(Saturday)
Contest: 14:00-17:00 (GTM+8), September 22, 2017 (Saturday)
Selection: 17:05-17:30 (GTM+8), September 22, 2017 (Saturday)
Eligibility: All HKUST students
Application Method:
Application Deadline: 21:00 (GMT+8), September 21, 2018 (Friday)

Contest Rules & Details:
1. The programming languages to be used in this contest are C, C++(Microsoft C++ and G++) and Java. Unforunately, new features in C++ 11 are not supported in the contest. The contestants use PC2 to submit their source codes to the judge.
2. In this contest, the contestants are given five to seven programming problems. The goal is to solve as many problems as possible. For those who solve the same number of problems, the one with less penalty wins. (The penalty system will be explained below.)
3. The contestant should read the input and write the output via standard I/O, i.e. no exception handling is needed.
4. The correctness of each submission is judged by inputting test cases into the submitted program. The submission is regarded as correct if its outputs match completely with the model outputs. The submission is judged as correct or wrong. No partial credit is given.
5. The contestants can re-submit another source code after previous wrong submissions.
6. All programs should not run for more than the time limit specified in the problem. (In most cases a "correct" implementation will run far less than the time limit we provide.)
7. The contestants are ranked firstly by the number of problems solved, and secondly the total time spent on solving the problems. Time spent on solving one problem is the time between the start of contest and the submission of the correct implementation of that problem. For each problem you solved, a penalty of 20 minutes will be added to your score for each wrong submission of that problem.
8. The contestants are also allowed to bring any hard copies of books, notes, references, dictionaries and sketch papers to the contest site. Electronic devices are forbidden. An STL reference is provided in the contest.

For further enquiry, please contact assistant coach Mr. Haoqian Zhang( .