Project Show for Future Engineers World Engineer Congress (WEC) 2004

2nd Prize, Mobile E-credit Card System (MECS)

Mr. Jin Xing, PhD Candidate

An Integration of All Necessary Functions of Personal Finance Service


Mr. Jin Xing, PhD candidate of the Department of Computer Science, has received the Second Prize of the Project Show For Future Engineers, a concurrent event of the World Engineer Congress (WEC) 2004, with his project "Mobile E-credit Card System". The competition has attracted over 110 participants from 18 countries and regions to participate in. We are pleased to announce that Mr. Xing's team is the only awardee from HKSAR.

This project is designed with joint effort of Mr. Geng Chunya (MPhil, Department of Physics & Materials Science, City University of Hong Kong) and Miss Lai Meng (PDip in Common Law, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong). And Dr. Gary Chan of the Department is the academic advisor of the project.

WEC 2004 WEC 2004

This project has also received the Gold Award of the Mobile Multimedia Communications Design Contest (MMCDC) 2003, which was organized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE).

Mobile E-credit Card System is designed to integrate all necessary functions of personal financing service. It includes "Real-time" Credit Transaction subsystem (RCTsubS) and "Infinite" Finance Management subsystem (IFMsubS), which will bring many benefits to people's life with an entirely new idea and great convenience. One of the attracting points of the system is that it can be installed to many kinds of personal wireless terminals such as colour mobile phone (Motorola T720), PDA (Palm), and so on.

The Project Show for Future Engineers was held on November 2-6, 2004 in Shanghai, China. The event featured innovative engineering projects designed by students, it offered participants an opportunity to show their talents in technology and engineering, and meet renowned engineers and leaders in industrial fields worldwide. The Show also enabled students to present their projects in front of the globally renowned technology and engineering-related enterprises. The event was co-organized by numerous parties, including, Department of Children and Youth Affairs of the China Association for Science and Technology, Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Engineers Without Borders Canada etc.

More details of the Mobile E-credit Card System (MECS).