Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program 2007

PhD Candidate: Juncheng JIA

The Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program has been highly successful in fostering advances and collaboration in computer science and research. In the nine years since the MSRA Fellowship Program started, more than two hundred and twenty PhD candidates from fifty universities/institutions have served as fellows.

This year, 29 out of the 62 nominated PhD candidates from various universities/institutions in Asia have been awarded fellowships. We are very pleased that our PhD student, Mr. Juncheng JIA is among those selected. He will be provided a cash award of US$6,000 to support his research and academic endeavors and may have an opportunity to be an intern at MSRA.

Juncheng is a PhD student of the Computer Science and Engineering Department majoring in Computer Science. He got his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Technology from Zhejiang University in 2005. His current research interests include cognitive radio/networking and spectrum management.

"I am really pleased to receive the award of Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship 2007. First I would like to thank my supervisor, Dr. Qian Zhang, who guided me in the past two years and nominated me for this award. I also appreciate the help of Prof. Lionel Ni during my application. Moreover, I thank my dear family members for their support. Such an award will help me to continue my research on cognitive radio networks and spectrum management. I will seek the opportunity for the collaboration with Microsoft Research Asia and other researchers in this field." Juncheng said.